Kapow! How to Make Your Kid Enjoy Martial Arts

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: July 27, 2018

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    As a parent, we should guide our kids to find the hobbies that interest them. We may have our opinions on what they should do but how do you make kids or young teenagers take up that activity willingly? Sports like Karate and Taekwondo have lots of benefits for your child but if they are reluctant to take it up, just how can you convince kids to enjoy martial arts?


    1. The Element of Choice

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    First it’s important to show them the variety of activities out there and martial arts is one option. Try not to already have a school and type of martial arts in mind. They still need to know that they have a say in the type of class. Mention how martial arts is something that you think their kid will enjoy and they will look so cool doing it. Kids do take their parents’ opinion into consideration because they want to please them and they also respond to being cool among their friends.


    2. Watch a Martial Arts movie

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    Appropriate martial arts movies for kids include the Kung Fu Panda series and Karate Kid. Most kids today have seen Kung Fu Panda but Karate Kid is a classic and the story can relate to a lot of kids today. Highlight how the story is about a kid who was bullied and wanted to be cool, so he learns karate and overcomes a lot of challenges. This movie should show the benefits of taking up this discipline and what can be accomplished with hard work and practice. Although it’s important to highlight that taking up this sport is not going to make them a karate master overnight and that classes are not like Mr Miyagi’s.


    3. Make Them Feel Your Support

    Let the kids know that they will have the full support from their parents and that they would be so proud. But try not to make it like being proud of them is a condition. Whatever hobby they choose, the parents should support them. Place particular emphasis that you recommend martial arts and if you were a kid, you would take it up. 


    4. Teach Competition, Not Comparison

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    A lesson that all competitive sports teach is friendly competition. It’s not about winning all the time and it’s not about being better either. Learning how to win and lose is key to better humility, compassion and confidence. Explain that martial arts teaches kids to respect others. Everyone is equal and there is no such thing as winning and losing a fight. They should also understand that the training is about developing themselves. All students develop at their own pace which is why all levels practice with each other and there is no segration of skills. What better activity to learn about this lesson than martial arts? 


    5. There is A Class For Everybody

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    Martial Arts is a diverse sport with many styles originating from different countries and time periods. If they don’t like the look of Tae Kwon Do then they might prefer Judo. If you’re wondering which martial arts is right for my kid? Check out this article here to read up on the what’s available for kids in your area. 

    Spend some time researching online with your kid about the different styles of martial arts. Consider also what is available around you. Visit a class and request for a preview to see if it is right for your kid. Like dance and sports, choosing the right martial arts class needs to fit your kid’s personality and they might not like it the first time, which is why it is important to try other options. 

    There are many benefits to Martial Arts for kids but it is not for everyone. Parents should support their kid’s decision and mustn’t be disappointent if they don’t agree. Maybe it is not their time or perhaps there might prefer to take up another hobby. 

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