Junglemania: Let Your Kids Play in an Indoor Play Centre While You Relax at the Cafe

By Hart  |  Posted: June 14, 2018

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    Have you ever thought of staying near your kids while they play at an indoor play centre? There are off-days when you would just like to sit in a cafe, read a book, and sip coffee, while your kids are enjoying themselves silly. We know the feeling- we wish there more play centres with cafes!

    Luckily, Junglemania Indoor Play Centre has a cafe with restaurant-quality food just right for parents!

    The cafe’s dining area is actually right beside the play area. Without barriers to hinder contact, parents can easily switch between taking care of their kids at play and focusing on their food. Junglemania is also a great party venue for parties, private functions and simple gatherings. Parents will be pleased with the great food and barista-quality coffee as well.

    Families that decide to drop by Junglemania are in for a treat! Every week, the staff bring in special cartoon characters and balloonists to have fun with the kids. They can also play withe the kids during birthday parties in the specially made rooms. Meanwhile, a toddler area is available for parents to play with their younger kids.

    Fun times await at Junglemania Indoor Play Centre, open 7 days a week!

    Pricing and Admission 


    $7 per kid, up to 9 months old (excludes school holidays and the disco)

    Weekend, Disco & School Holidays

    $8 per kid, from 9 months to 23 months old

    $10 per kid, from 2-12 years old 

    Junglemania Indoor Play Centre is located in 100 Village Avenue, Taylors Lakes, 3038 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    For bookings or party reservations, you may contact Junglemania at (+61) 3 9449 8822

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