Soar to New Heights with Indoor Sky Diving at iFLY

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    Looking for some natural, outdoor fun, but the weather just does not want to cooperate? We get this a lot too! Planning the perfect weekend in spite of bad weather would be so much better if we had more more adrenaline-inducing activities indoors. This way, we could focus more on having fun, rather than worry about planning for a trip.

    Whether you’re a toddler or a grown up, iFLY Indoor Skydiving is the aerial thrill ride that your kids need! Live out their super hero or secret agent dreams through the power of iFLY’s giant, specially designed wind tunnel. 

    Perfect for beginners and experienced skydivers, iFLY’s facility provides safety and instruction in the use of the wind tunnel. All would-be divers can fly in style with flight suits and equipment provided by staff. The all-round viewing platform will let you experience what it feels like to skydive with your family. Don’t forget to take photos and video when it’s your turn to fly! Every turn in the wind tunnel is like skydiving for 50 seconds, a true free-fall experience without worrying about your safety or the weather.

    Being the right destination for all things diving, iFLY provides tons of packages and incentives for everyone. Kids can join the Junior iFLYER club (for ages 6-16) for 1.5 hours every week, and they can enjoy 5+ minutes of flight! And because your kid will get more flight time, he will eventually become good enough to perform his own routines and stunts!

    Each Junior iFLYER session includes:

    Safety briefing and training from experienced instructors

    +5 minutes of flying each

    Video of the session

    For iFLY Downunder and iFLY Perth: $99/session. Only $90 each if you sign up for the full 10 week program!

    For iFLY Gold Coast: $89/session. Only $80 each if you sign up for the full 10 week program!

    School Holidays (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11:30 am): $89/session for iFLY Gold Coast only

    Find out what its like to skydive through infinity by dropping by an iFLY Indoor Sky Diving facility near you!



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