We're Stumped by this Colorful Ice Cream Puzzle- Can you spot the Lollipop?

By Hart  |  Posted: May 31, 2018

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    Sometimes, the most simple of puzzles can confound the best of us. Whether it is for passing the time or for scaring ourselves silly, we have our own reasons for wanting to sit through the many little games on the internet. There’s simply no end to how we can entertain ourselves!


    So you can see how happy we were to find this gem, an image featuring a plethora of ice cream cones.

    Take a look, and try to find the lollipop:


    So, did you find the lollipop?

    You don’t need to wrap your brain too much around it, unless that’s your kind of stress relief. This ice cream puzzle comes from the brilliant, artistic mind of Gergely Dudás, a Hungarian artist who has made a culling online with his many “Where’s Waldo” inspired creations.

    If you found the lollipop in the puzzle above, here’s another masterpiece for you.

    But if you haven’t, you can keep scrolling down to find the answer key.

    Found it yet? Oh wait… scroll down more.

    Are you sure really want to see the answer? I mean, you can try again, the puzzle’s just there.

    You sure you want to see the answer? Are you sure about that?

    Sure? Ok, here it is.

    The lollipop’s head actually melds well with its ice cream brethren. What gave it away was its thinner stick body. 

    There you have it, another puzzle you can show off to your friends and family. I hope that you felt some sense of pride or accomplishment in completing this challenge.







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