World's First Hologram Entertainment Centre: Holoverse

By Hart  |  Posted: July 25, 2018

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    Engage with the world like never before. The Holoverse is an entertainment centre unlike any other.

    You might have already heard of how fun VR gaming arcades could be. One of the hottest entertainment options today, the trend will only get better with more games and technological updates through the pipeline. But just in case your kids start to get bored shooting aliens in a total 3D-simulated environment, then we may have the next best thing.

    This is the Holoverse, and it is the world’s first hologram entertainment centre. Built as a family-friendly tech fun park, the centre is full of 40 different hologram rooms. The technology used is fairly new: similar to the ones you may see in sci-fi shows like Star Trek , they use projectors to present holographic objects made of light. These projections may look real, but they’re completely made of light and seem solid. 

    There are many holographic experiences to try out and each one is catered to kids of all ages. 

    • Dig holes, plant crops in your own farm, and meet the many animal farmers of Veggie Patch Valley.
    • Explore the Solar System and beyond in the Holographic Planetarium. You will even get to have a virtual tour of Mercury and Mars!
    • Lift off and breeze through a city skyline in Fly Over the Gold Coast. The walls and floors disappear to give way to a projection of buildings, skyscrapers, trees, and even the river!
    • Battle and survive against evil creatures in the fantasy game False Eden.

    Dive right into your dream world and experience it through Holoverse!

    For more information on their future hologram rooms, schedule, and other updates, head on over to their website.

    Holoverse is located in 59 Nerang Street, Southport, 4215 Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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