Have you given up xmas shopping for your spouse?

By Pia Marie Balquiedra  |  Posted: October 28, 2017

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    Has the other half been showing little appreciation for the thought you have put in for their Christmas present or are they just impossible to shop for?

    Matt and Emma Collins have been giving each other birthday and christmas presents every year but every time they think it was a mistake to bother.

    Emma said: “I’m really easy to shop for. As long as it’s not overly cliché; not too girly; not too cheap or ostentatious; something original but not gimmicky; nothing with labels with a negative connotation but a brand with an inspiring vision, something practical that I don’t already have but something that I need but I’ve never heard of before; and it also doesn’t harm the environment, neither has it been tested on animals. You see, I’m really easy to shop for.”

    Matt said: “I hate it when people give me clothes, as if they get my size or fashion sense. And do I need more sports equipment for hobbies I don’t have time to take up? You know, my bathroom cabinet is practically filled with Men’s beauty care packs and a new scent that makes me smell like a 13 year old boy.”

    Matt and Emma decided that this year they would just donate money to charity so that they could spend Christmas feeling generous and know they made someone else more in need happy.

    Emma said: “Birthdays don’t count. That’s my special day. I’m turning 30 and I better be treated like I’m a princess.”


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