Groove Therapy: The Dance Studio for The Shy Types

By Hart  |  Posted: July 25, 2018

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    What is this Groove Therapy? Well, if you’re an adult or parent with self-confidence issues, then this may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

    Even as adults, we can go through some rough days of fear and lack of confidence. Most of us have the means to cope and to pull through for the next day. Others take more time to recover. But for some, it’s a much steeper mountain to climb. The game of life is obviously very difficult, and it takes varying levels of courage, methods, and even therapy to build yourself up.

    But what if your efforts turn up with no results? Chances are, you would not want this to affect the way you relate to your family, friends, co-workers, and the other people that matter to you the most. Maybe it’s time to find an alternate solution to help build you up.

    Give yourself the opportunity to spread your wings, without the stress of the huge spotlights and mirrors, at Groove Therapy. They’re more than just an elite dance studio. Groove Therapy is a mental health advocates group looking for people to shine through beyond their circumstances. Located in major cities throughout the country like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Byron Bay, what was a small dance experiment with a couple of willing and caring dancers, has turned into a full-on movement. Demand from all over the world, including those asking for classes in New York City, is proof of this revolutionary concept.

    Groove with a Difference

    The studio has three different divisions: a Beginner’s Adult Class series, a Dance and Performance Agency group, and a Community Program Series. Each one follows similar principles: no dance studio vibe, dimmed lights, no mirrors, and a mandatory community feel. These strict regulations give every student an opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace. Dancers are encouraged to work hard for themselves, while the instructors inspire a vision of inclusive diversity.

    In the short time since the studio’s inception, they have been turning heads and taking names, being featured in TV commercials, international music videos, and collaborations with famous brands. They continue to chug on with their own brand of purposeful dance. Aside from the adult dance classes, they also offer a range of teaching and performance-related services. Not only are they focused on growing the joy and spirit of dance, but they’ve made sure they can give back to the community.

    It Takes a Village

    As dancers with a special mission, Groove Therapy understands the value of having a community. This is especially important for the beginner dancers. Relying consistently on one another each week helps everyone to grow and develop. What more, everyone can gain the physical and psychological benefits of endorphin-inducing exercises. A lot of the programs in Groove Therapy have been consulted with and worked on by licensed mental wellness and medical professionals. For example, the dementia dance program uses older music to tap into the long-term memories of affected patients. Another program (still under testing) is the Groove Rising imitative, a dance class for young refugee girls. The studio also came up with classes designed for at-risk and displaced youth.

    For community organizations looking to partner up with a Groove Therapist, they may contact them here. The studio’s more than happy to evaluate the effectiveness of their classes. Plus, they would love to collect “happiness data” in their classes!

    Hit the stage with your close crew behind you. Or just get over your worst fears and insecurities at Groove Therapy!

    Groove Therapy is a special dance studio located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Byron Bay. If you would like to book a session to try things out, you can contact or inquire here via their website.

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