High Tech GPS Treasure Hunting at Lake Daylesford

By Hart  |  Posted: July 2, 2018

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    So you and your family have decided to take a comforting walk through a sunny side of town, or a natural setting like a forest or lake. There are many different spots to choose from, but what will you do if your kids suddenly decide for something more.. on the active side? Will you just change your plans and go somewhere else?

    Luckily, you won’t need to. Secret Forest Walks in Melbourne has the perfect outdoors game for your kids! Called the Lake Daylesford GPS Treasure Hunt, your kids will get to play a world-class sleuthing experience while you enjoy the peace and quiet of the much-needed walk.

    Set in the Victorian Central Highlands resort of Daylesford, GPS Treasure Hunt is an activity perfect for starters and pros alike. Similar to the playground game we used to play, kids will get to search for items (called geochaches ) in the forest using coordinates programmed in their hand-held GPS unit

    GPS Treasure Hunt is an exciting social activity for your kids and their friends to enjoy. The series of games will have challenges of varying difficulty. Kids can start off with the easier hunts to find the caches around Lake Daylesford. Each participant will get a Garmin GPS unit, tuition and a search log to fill up for each treasure found. Each location the participants will have to find has a small letter on it. Your kids will have to find all the letters to form the name “MYSTERY PLACE”. Solve the puzzles, collect the caches, and be inducted into the GPS Treasure Hunt Hall of Fame!

    This adventure is perfect for kids and teens ages 13 years old and up! Not only will your kids solve puzzles, they will also get a workout.

    Enjoy the thrill and race against time with the GPS Puzzle Hunt!

    Cost: $15 per person. Those aged under 5 and over 55 years play for FREE

    For bookings, contact: 0418301281

    For inquiries, email: info@secretforestwalks.com

    Visit their Website: Click Here

    GPS Puzzle Hunt in Secret Forest Walks is located in 1 Leggat Street, Daylesford, 3460 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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