What to Get Dad for Father's Day 2017

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: August 15, 2017

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    Father’s day in Australia falls on September 3 2017. Have you all gotten your father’s day present yet? Here’s the ultimate guide for getting a gift to your awesome dad!


    Have you ever wondered why it is on September and different for the rest of the world? Well, March to June have many public events like Easter, Anzac Day and the Queen’s Birthday. This is also the winter season and so it makes marketing sense that fathers would much rather have gifts that are ideal in preparation for the summer period. Meaning dads might prefer fishing, sporting and camping equipment – a great excuse for dads all over Australia to spend the outdoors with the family then!


    So, want some ideas on what to get your special Aussie dad? We’ve got you covered!


    Dan Murphy’s

    Celebrate THE Man by ofefring any of from the selection of alcoholic beverages such as wine, whisky and beer. Choose from discounted gift packs to save money. Order online to be delivered to your home.

    Gifts Australia

    Can’t think of an individual gift? Get your dad a gift pack, choosing from a wide range of selected items such as Glenmorangie Whiskey, an Cooking Set from Stanley, or a Luxurious Men’s Skincare Set, something for every Dad can be found here.


    Think your dad is one of a kind? Choose any of these quirky, unique novelty items such as The Wine Bottle Glass, Man Cave number plate or even a charming ‘Grumpy Old Man’ T-shirt. 

    Yellow Octopus

    Even more quirkier things ranging from practical to outright silly! Hope your dad has a good sense of humour.


    For the ultimate gift, give your father the gift of life from skydiving to rally driving – awesome gifts for the thrill seeking parent. 


    Cheese Therapy

    Instead of giving your dad socks or undies this Father’s Day, why not give him something he will truly enjoy? Cheese! Select from a variety of different cheese packs to purchase and throw in a bottle of delicious 12 year old Tawny Port for the perfect wine and cheese evening!

    Hamper Me

    For those on a budget, these hampers offer everything a dad needs including a bottle of wine or cider and an assortment of salty snacks. Can’t go wrong with that.


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