WATCH: Everyone is Going Crazy for this Lightsaber VR Game!

By Hart  |  Posted: May 31, 2018

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    If you haven’t watched the Solo: A Star Wars Story yet, we suggest you turn back. Head to the nearest theater and watch the movie, then come back to read this waste of a piece later.

    Don’t worry, we’ll wait….


    Oh, you didn’t actually go. Well good for you, because you actually didn’t need to waste money on a (supposed) flop in the box office. You also saved enough time to finish this bit on a VR game that involves light sabers. But its not Star Wars.

    Yes, you read that right. A video game company finally figured out that playing a lightsaber VR game over some clever techno beats does not always have to involve space magic, blasters and wookie speak.




    The video above features Ruirize, a gamer and Twitch streamer gaining ground for his VR playthroughs. He played Beat Saber, a rhythm based music game where you use two lightsabers to ‘cut through’ blocks according to the beat of a song. Although its currently in Beta with only 10 songs available to play, Beat Saber is shaping up to be a solid hit.



    We really have low expectations for any new game: we just want it to be fun and not force us to see Han Solo dancing. Its not only a cringe fest, its non-canon as well. 

    Are you looking forward to ‘beating’ your friends in a round of Beat Saber? Are you looking for other VR games to play with your friends? Use Fun Kids Guide to search the nearest VR gaming centres nearest you!

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