Funny Kid Problems That We Can All Relate

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: March 23, 2018

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    Let’s face it, what parent doesn’t have kid problems? However, what parents need to understand is that their problems are real!

    That’s right, parents online are sharing their memorable #kidproblems and they’re hillarious! They sob, yap, whine because their brief existence in life is just oh so unfair. They just want to have fun, what’s wrong with that, mum and dad? 

    I bet you can care to admit that our own children are the source of all of our headaches (we share your pain mum and dad). However, every now they utter some laugh out loud moments that remind us how much we love being parents. 

    So if ever you feel down, just know that other people have bigger kid problems. Here are the top #kidproblems we have found on posted on Twitter. 

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    1. Even with a lot of sleep, we still don’t get enough



    2. Some dreams aren’t meant to be


    3. Nap time is certainly not a great time for singing rehearsals


    4. Funny, just when your kid has moved on from ‘Let it Go’ 


    5. I bet he got her mum to listen now


    6. A perfectly good reason to be upset


    7. How dare they be cute when you are so mad at them?!


    8. When a 4 year old already acts like a 14 year old


     9. What every single child struggles with


    10. You can’t please everyone


    11. Nothing great lasts anyway


    12.  Give the kid a break, parents!   



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