WATCH: The First 'Dumbo' Trailer from Tim Burton is Everything We've Hoped For

By Hart  |  Posted: June 14, 2018

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    How do we get to Neverland?

    Fly, of course!


    Oh sorry, wrong nostalgic movie. But the latest trailer from Disney does involve flying from one of its most beloved characters.

    If you’re wondering, Dumbo takes flight during the final parts of the trailer. We’re getting goosebumps just by seeing the wonderful circus scenes!

    Set in a 19th century American circus, The 1941 classic tells the story of a baby elephant being bullied for his abnormally large ears. This version has Dumbo in full CGI, with new characters and points to the story we have never seen before. The inclusion of children as leads should be a big plus. The kids will be the ones taking care of the cutesy elephant.

    The overall tone of the film is consistent with Director Tim Burton’s visual style, and the movie boasts of an amazing ensemble cast. You might have noticed some familiar faces, such as showman Colin Farrell (playing the lead adult hero), Eva Green (the swinging circus performer) and airbourne enthusiast Michael Keaton (as another villain, bless the man).

    Expect our collective animal loving tears to come crashing down on March 2019. Now all we need is a crossover with a gorilla and pig, and we’re all set. We can’t wait for Dumbo to show us how to fly!

    Dumbo is set to release in March 29, 2019.


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