#DebateTime: Fantasy or Space- Which Party Theme is Better?

By Hart  |  Posted: June 1, 2018

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    This is #DebateTime, a series of features where we investigate some of the greatest questions parents face today, and provide two opposing points of view.

    For this first installment, we argue for the merits of having a Space birthday party vs a Fantasy affair.

    For as long as we have looked to the stars, so to have we imagined a world populated by giant castles, fantastical creatures, and mystical magic.  Fantasy and space themed stories through the years have garnered much praise through movies and TV.

    With the rising demand for both kinds of parties, we feel that it is right to put our own two cents into the discussion. You will most likely have to plan this birthday party yourself or with a team, at home or at a venue. So we believe this is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. So now, here are our thoughts for a Space versus Fantasy theme birthday party (These party themes are for kids aged 5-10 years old):



    For Space Parties: Sky’s the Limit

    There are literally no bounds as to how to decorate a space themed party. From futuristic ships, aliens to sci-fi action movies, you will not run out of ideas. Use a lot of lights and colors to enhance the out-of-Earth experience. Just remember that your venue must feel like people are in outer space, ready to take part in an important mission or exploration adventure.

    For Fantasy Parties: Imagination is your Spell

    The decorative options for fantasy parties are more limited. But that should not stop you from throwing a regal gathering for your kid’s birthday. You can use banners draped near doors and the roof, or lots of flags with emblems and tapestries. The main party area can look like the dining hall in a medieval castle, or the secret library of a wizard!



    Space: In a Galaxy Far Far Away…

    Think of Star Wars and techno music when spinning it up at a space party. When you’re in space, no one would mind if you get down with some funky dances. You can even get away with spinning some older disco tunes for the adults!

    Fantasy: All Hail the King!

    Majestic ballads fit for Kings and Queens are quite easy to find. There are many sources of music (use Youtube!) you can find for such a party. You can even include horns and trumpet sounds to seem like a battle or joust is happening. If you want to add more realism, the adults can make a lot of noise, like a village tavern!



    Hosts and Entertainment

    Space: Intergalactic Adventures


    A host can play “captain” of this wonderful enterprise. It will be a big bonus if he or she has knowledge of popular space-related media. As for the games, games that involve a lot of movement, item-finding, problem-solving and dancing work best. You can set up the games as objectives that must be completed for the mission. Party packages sold by birthday planners can accommodate this request, so its best to ask them about it. 

    Fantasy: Might and Magic

    If only we could get a royal knight or a sorceress to actually host your kid’s name day! A great host for this theme has to be loud and confident like a powerful lord should be. The games for a fantasy theme would have lots of drawing, group activities and singing, just like the olden days. Magic shows are an easy thing to add-on here, and the kids can participate on stage.

    So, which do you think would make the better birthday party theme? Its best to consult with your kids about these points before choosing a theme. And if you’re ready to start planning, don’t forget to consult a professional party planner and suppliers through Fun Kids Guide!


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