12 Must Try Food to Eat at Ekka 2017

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: August 12, 2017

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    Ekka has so much to offer in terms of gourmet food and delicious bites. What is truly exceptional is that most of these food stalls are proud to serve fresh, local produce from the heart of Queensland itself. As you sample through rows of endless selection, you find yourself stuck as to what to eat – you’d want to eat them all but you don’t want to end up in a food coma. Parents, be sure to take advantage of the beverages that are on offer: world-class beers, craft wine and not forgetting the vino. Kids will also enjoy the cakes and desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooths. So, with over 70 stalls to choose from, here are 12 things to eat at Ekka 2017. 

    1. Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion

    Australia’s best fresh food store has many delicious local produce to try (and all for free). From the World’s Hottest chilli to supersized hotdogs. Kids will want to the cotton candy ice creamery, world famous funnel cakes, crepes and shakes. For the mains, they have 

    Woolworths Fresh Food Pavilion 12 Things to Eat at Ekka 2017

    2. Royal Queensland Steakhouse

    Presented By JBS Australia, stop by Royal Queensland Steakhouse for wagyu beef and locally produced steak meant for export.

    Royal Queensland Steakhouse 12 Things to Eat at Ekka 2017


    3. Stockmen’s Bar and Grill

    The menu dishes up plenty of your favourite pub grub including the classic steak and chips, as well as a range of other tasty options that will fill up even the hungriest stockman. 

    Stockmen's Bar and Grill 12 Things to Eat at Ekka 2017


    4. Eat Fresh Mexican

    Mexican food at its best, be sure to try their delicious burrito bowls, tacos and nachos.

    eat fresh mexican 12 Things to Eat at Ekka 2017


    5. Let’s Do Yum Cha

    Super popular Asian bites that serve delicious dumplings and sensational spring rolls.

    let's do yum cha 12 Things to Eat at Ekka 2017


    6. Big Tony’s Italian Street Food

    Seriously the best Italian food at the event, serving hearty Italian favourites like pizza and pasta.

    italian pizza 12 Things to Eat at Ekka 2017


    7. Spanthai

    A mouth-watering fusion that combines delicious Spanish and Thai inspired dishes

    Spanthai 12 Things to Eat at Ekka 2017


    8. King of the Wings

    American style chicken wings in five unique flavours. Finger-licking good. 

    king of the wings 12 Things to Eat at Ekka 2017


    9. Gotzinger Smallgoods

    Supersized Hotdog, We’re loving their ‘Big 30 cm German Brat’ and ‘Big 30 cm Kransky,’ both on a fresh bun.

     Gotzinger Smallgoods 12 Things to Eat at Ekka 2017


    10. Longboards

    Choose between fries covered in slow cooked BBQ pulled pork and topped with cheese or fries topped with popcorn chicken pieces, gravy and cheese sauce.

    burgers at ekka 12 Things to Eat at Ekka 2017


    11. Coffee Galleria

    Coffee in a Cone, a piccolo in a chocolate coated cone – delicious!

    coffee galeria 12 Things to Eat at Ekka 2017




    12. Dagwood Dogs And Fairy Floss

    Finally, this is isn’t just one stall per se but Vendors across the site sell these classics, as well as everyday snacks such as chips and soft drinks. You can’t have Ekka without the smell of dagwood dogs in the air and stickiness of fairy floss in your fingers, after all it’s tradition and all Ekka kids should experience this. Happy eating!

    Dagwood dogs 12 Things to Eat at Ekka 2017

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