Drama With A Difference: Learn to Act While Having Fun at this Acting Workshop

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    Drama classes are not just for those learning to act. It is also for those looking to build their own creativity, confidence and their ability to stand up for themselves. And, in today’s world, these qualities are what children really need.

    Drama with a Difference stands out as an acting school by bringing the authenticity of the art center stage. The school’s many teachers are made up of industry professionals who have worked with each other for years. As entertainment leans more towards fame and money, these dedicated actors aim to to teach students the realistic side of the industry while encouraging their dreams and aspirations. 

    The list of classes at Drama with a Difference range from serious and intensive training, to those looking for a light and fun environment to learn. Students of all ages and skill levels can join the classes, regardless if they will become actors or not. 

    Some of the classes included in Drama with a Difference include:

    • Children’s Classes (for ages 7-12)- emphasises creative play and improvisation, these classes go beyond what is normally taught in schools. 2 hour Term classes are offered every Wednesday afternoons
    • Teenage Classes (for ages 12-17)- adapts programs from major drama schools. Helps teens develop their imaginations and their capacity for original thinking. There are term classes offered every Monday afternoons.
    • Showreel Weekend Workshops for children and teenagers- used auditioning for TV and film roles, show reels help actors show what kinds of characters they can play

    Drama with a Difference welcomes all young actors to create, play and enjoy the wonders of drama! 

    Find a drama studio nearest your location:

    Drama with a Difference at Clifton Hill

    Drama with a Difference at Kew

    For more information on class schedules and other offerings, visit the school’s website.

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