Disney Themed Party Ideas for Kids: A Complete Guide

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    Disney is an all-time favourite for kids. From its charming characters, its sweeping musical numbers, loveable sidekicks, dastardly villains, and memorable life lessons, our youthful obsession with Disney has lived within us and will continue to do so for future generations to come. A Disney-themed kids party would be a wonderful thing to organise for your child. Try your hand planning a party: here is all the information you would need to throw a magical Disney kiddie affair!

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    1. Invitations

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    The invitation is as important as the party itself: it is the first impression your guests will receive for the party. Kids need to be enticed to go by the formal invites. Fortunately, having a Disney themed party easily impresses kids, so here are some things to consider when creating your official invitation.

    • The characters need to reflect the theme – Is it a Princess Party? An African savannah like in Lion King? A Mad Hatter tea party? Knowing what kind of kids party you are having should be reflected in the characters represented on the invite. If your kid was inviting the whole class, you wouldn’t want the boys to think it was exclusively a princess party by having only the princesses on display, right? Instead, why not add in the famous princes beside the iconic royals? 
    • Clear and brief message – Include the name of the birthday celebrant and their upcoming age, the date, duration and address. You won’t need to describe what the kids will be doing because the address and the appearance of the invite should already give that message. Don’t forget to add a contact number at the end so that people can send their RSVPs. If it’s a sleepover, you will need to specify what time will be the pick up for the parents.
    • Print in good quality – Appearance is everything. Remember to select the best options to print the invites. You could also ask a supplier to design and print invites for you.


    2. Outfits

    Elaborate and beautiful costumes are essential to the Disney magic. You can’t have a Disney themed party if none of the party participants are actually dressed in-theme! Be sure to bear the following in mind:

    • Allow plenty of time to order your child’s outfit. You should also send the rental company’s information to the other parents so that all the kids can get the best costumes.
    • You might get kids jealous having the same costume. So agreeing on who should dress as who would avoid a crying episode.
    • There is an abundance of Disney characters to choose from. Do some thorough research for them by looking up online for the character. Not every costume shop though would have that character’s outfit, so you’d need to work with what is available.
    • Wearing a costume for several hours can be hot and can feel stuffy. So advice parents to provide a change of clothes if the kids will be doing anything active (such as games). Designate a period for when they will be dressed up and when they will change – this way kids will not get cranky because they find themselves perspiring in a Sleeping Beauty ensemble. 
    • The most important thing about having costumes is to have fun! Be sure to take the group picture towards the beginning of the party when everyone’s energy and excitement is still high.


    3. Food

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    It’s important that the kid’s birthday catering has a balance with what the kids would love to eat and yet maintain a health-conscious menu. That being said, finger foods are what you should serve to reduce costs and messes. Here are some popular suggestions:

    • Sandwiches – Have the fillings as ham and cucumber, egg mayonnaise, tuna mayonnaise, BLT, and grilled cheese
    • Pizza – Order from your favourite pizza place. Otherwise, making fresh thin crust pizzas would also be a hit!
    • BBQ – If you’ve got a grill and outdoor space then a barbeque is another great option. When choosing the meat, go for the smaller cuts to create mini burgers or sliders. This way, the meat can be cooked quicker and you can reduce the risk of under cooking. 
    • Drinks – Instead of fizzy drinks like soda, opt to serve homemade juices like lemonade. 
    • Desserts – It’s your decision if you opt to buy the desserts available in the grocery. But if you prefer to make everything from scratch then there are some quick homemade recipe ideas

    The food doesn’t have to be Disney themed, but you could spruce things up a bit with plates, cups, and utensils to match the theme!


    4. Games

    So the kids have arrived, they are in their costumes, and they are eager to be entertained. This is where you will need to put in your maximum creative effort. In preparing for the party, the games the kids will play could reflect the theme or major story points from the Disney movie. Here are some thing to consider:

    • Costume limitations Kids in costumes wouldn’t want to be too active. If you are planning to execute games that require a lot of movement, then the kids will have to change into more comfortable clothes.
    • Hired entertainers – Trained experts in the field, getting a costumed entertainer like a Disney Princess or Hero would take things up a notch. Their presence would greatly entertain the kids and when its time to eat, they can mingle with the guests!
    • Popular Games – The simple games are often the most effective. Try to pick and choose the games you would think would best suit the party: Hide and Seek, Musical Statues or Chairs, Pass the Parcel, Pinata, Pin the Tail or Twister. 
    • Movie Watching – If the games aren’t enough, then watching a film or two would fit right in with all the Disney-themed entertainment. Plus, this idea would assure parents that their kids are in good hands, away from accidents or incidents of tantrums. You could even serve popcorn and hot chocolate while they watch. 


    5. Giveaways

    You can’t end a party without the giveaways! Unless you have selected a party supplier, what should you put in a DIY Disney themed party bag?

    • Snacks – Candies and chocolate always do the trick. If you can find some snacks that fit the them, then that would work better.
    • School Supplies – You might be able to find pencils or erasers with Disney characters printed on them. Kids always need more school supplies.
    • Toys – You can not go wrong with simple toys. Pick something that would fit the theme of the party and the gender of the guests.
    • Balloons – If you have spare balloons from the party, why not add one (inflated or not) for their goody bag?
    • Leftover Cake – Wrap it carefully so that they could take it home to eat. Your guests will love your kid for it!
    • Disney Paraphernalia – Check out outline what else could be added that can enhance your giveaway bag. Perhaps a tiara, a wand, or even a certificate or letter to say thank you for attending. The giveaways are a reminder of their experience and it will leave the kids a good lasting impression. 

    There you have it! Those are just some of the best ideas you could use for the ultimate Disney themed party. Remember, a child’s party should focus on what the birthday celebrant would like to happen in the party. Sit down and have a conversation with your child and allow them to get involved in the planning process. Disney is all about bringing the magic. The more creative you are, the more special everyone’s experience will be. 

    We all know that at this age, this is the only time your kids will want you to be in the same room as they do. Good luck being around them when they become teenagers!

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