Here's Why DC Universe Could Be A Streaming Game Changer

By Hart  |  Posted: July 9, 2018

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    Move over, Netflix and Disney: DC is stepping up with their catalogue of award-winning animated series and new live-action content.

    Ever since DC Comics announced that it will be offering a video-on-demand service last year, fans of the publisher have been clamoring for more details on what TV shows, animated series, and (gasp!) live action films will be included in its library. Meanwhile, there have also been little news from the wood work on the pricing, availability, and additional features that will be present in the service, now dubbed DC Universe. All we know is that DC backer Warner Brothers is all in on the project, hoping to dislodge any significant market standing from competitors (aforementioned Netflix and the Mouse’s mega-streaming efforts). We’re just hoping they would not include their sorry example of “a challenge against the Avengers“.

    Here are the facts (so far) that you need to know in preparation of its launch:

    Beta access begins soon..

    The entire service is going live in its entirety in Fall 2018, but people can sign up for beta access as early as August. Sign up today for a chance to get a pass via the official website

    They will include Past favorites and New content

    While news of launch titles for the new service are nothing new, we have a fair idea of what shows we can expect to view. Some of the original programming that are slated for release are the live-action adaptation of the Titans, a Harley Quinn animated stand-alone, Doom Patrol, and Swamp Thing. Meanwhile, we will be able to watch some of our most beloved childhood favourites, such as the sequel to the massive hit, Young Justice (named Outsiders), Adventures of Superman, Justice League, and the Batman Animated series. Good bye, reality.

    Up, Up and MOAR

    Classic DC fans rejoice! Older TV series such as Wonder Woman, Lois and Clark, and films like Superman I-IV, the little known Supergirl film, and the Dark Knight Trilogy will be available for streaming. Why settle for the current DC Extended Universe when you could watch non-stop how Christopher Reeve and Christian Bale show us how its really done? These oldies will always be goodies.  

    The Defenders Who?

    The upcoming Titans remake is already shaping up to be a challenger for Marvel’s established Netflix Universe. Actress Minka Kelly (who plays Dawn “Dove” Granger) already announced that the first season will debut as a launch title with DC Universe. But there have been conflicting reports, stating that the channel’s original programs will debut at least by 2019. Unfortunately, there has been no definite news whether they will include the Greg Berlanti-lead Arrowverse series in the catalogue.

    One Stop Shop for All Things DC

    Aside from all the TV, movies, and animated series you could watch to last you multiple Earths, the service also has a host of other features. DC Encyclopedia, news ticker, exclusive interviews, daily video news, and the DC Collectibles store will all be accessible from the app. For all your love of figurines and DC comic book knowledge, the service will be available for iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. Now all we need is a reset button for the Green Lantern movie, and we should be all set.

    No News on Pricing and Availability… Yet

    In a lot of ways, this new streaming service serves as direct competition to the current crop of video giants. Streaming video is the new king, and the stakes will only get higher with the likes of Hulu and Amazon Prime. Without a definite release date and pricing scale yet, we can only guess how much it costs (Netflix goes for $10.99 USD/month for Standard package) to see Henry Cavill’s moustache acting at his best. 

    Are you looking forward to streaming your favorite DC series or movies? For more news and features about your favorite comics and movies, head over to Fun Kids Guide!

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