Dads Dancing with Their Babies is the Most Adorable Thing

By Hart  |  Posted: July 16, 2018

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    Cue in the “Awwww its a Dad dancing with their Baby” sound effect.


    Fathers everywhere now have a new past time to spend with their children: they can now carry their infants in baby carriers and dance in a choreographed line dance! Designed by the amazing instructors at GroovaRoo in the States, this dance studio specialises in creating programs that allow parents to spend quality dancing time with their young children.

    A big boost to parent-child bonding efforts, the video started going viral almost immediately after it went public on the studio’s Facebook page. We’re already short of breath with all the sighing we did throughout the whole video! You also can’t blame us for wanting to press the replay button repeatedly!

    This isn’t the only dance line you could take part in at GroovaRoo. Overall, the studio prides itself as the only ‘babywearing’ soul line dance crew in the country. They offer tons of classes for the families who love to groove to the beat. And what more, these guys are actually on to something: its been proven that dancing is a great alternative to sports as a form of exercise. Add in a babywearing routine and you have an instant family bonding-cardio routine.

    Now, if only we could get these kids to remember their childhood memories better. But it’s probably for the best- remembering your dad trying to bust a move can be humiliating! 

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