Dad bargains with son to be a fart scapegoat

By Pia Marie Balquiedra  |  Posted: October 22, 2017

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    Father makes a deal with son to take the blame every time dad lets one rip in front of mum.

    A while back, young dad struck a deal with his 5-year-old son, Nate, to be the fall guy to protect dad from mum.

    Dad has been known to drop nasty silent-but-deadly fart grenades especially in confined spaces like in a car or in a lift.

    The excessive flatulence problem has caused a number of couple feuds and angry slap-on-the-shoulder hits from mum.

    In order to protect dad from being blamed by mum, (and from being a human punching bag) dad explained to Nate that he would have to take one for the boys’ team and become the fart scapegoat.

    In his defence, dad’s response was: “I know I won’t win father of the year. I wouldn’t do it if there was no other way.

    When the kid owns up, his mum thinks it’s kind of adorable. But when I do, I’m called disgusting.”

    When asked to comment about what mum makes of this situation, she said: “I’m sometimes relieved Nate takes the blame. Some of those farts have been me!”


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