Crossbones: New Australian Outdoor Beach Game for Kids and Families

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: July 19, 2017

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    outdoor beach game

    When in Australia, beaches are a must. Popular outdoor beach games include cricket, volleyball, kite-flying and frisbees. Problem is, it’s often that these said beaches are crowded and Aussies don’t appreciate balls of any kind invading their personal space. So what’s a family to do? We speak to a Brisbane dad from Sandgate who has come up with a new alternative sport called ‘Crossbones’ that puts a spin on “old-school” outdoor games. 

    Similar to ‘bocce and horseshoes’ Crossbones involves 12 wooden bones, 2 teams and 1 race to Get On Top! To put it simply, you have stick-like crossbones, each made of birch, that you need to skilfully land on top of your opponent’s bones.

    outdoor beach game

    Crossbones is “unplugged, old-school” fun, squarely aimed at encouraging kids, their families and friends to get outside, connect and have fun in the great outdoors.

    The creator of the game, Rob Draycott, said the game was devised during a camping holiday with family and friends at the Sunshine Coast.

    “We’ve always loved getting away with the kids and spending time enjoying outdoor beach games,” he said.

    “The idea popped in my head while we were playing another game. After a lot of research, several prototypes and hours and hours of testing rules and playability on sand and on grass, Crossbones became a reality.”

    outdoor beach game

    Rob – Game creator, music lover, dad, runner and thrower of things outdoors with family and friends.

    What Rob has told us is that he receives lots of positive feedback from families saying that even with the popularity of electronic games, there’s still a place for traditional outdoor beach games .

    “It connects people, encourages interaction and provide a great excuse to get out and enjoy our natural surroundings.”

    The original Aussie-invented game is being playing by kids in England, New Zealand, The USA, The Netherlands and Canada. Parents and Grandparents get to get in on the fun. What’s best is that it requires no chargers or batteries. You just need 2 – 12 players and outdoor space. outdoor beach game

    “Our ‘Crossboners’ share photos of their backyard and beach battles,” says Rob


    When looking for a game that doesn’t require a lot of space (or disturbing your neighbouring beach bums) Crossbones make a great alternative outdoor beach game that is easy to carry, light-weight, and up to 12 players could take part. We’re glad to support this truly original concept and glad that Rob is bringing families closer. Just remember to shout ‘Howzat!’ when you do win. outdoor beach game

    outdoor beach game

    $65 including free delivery Australia-wide.

    Visit or call Rob on 0409 486 500 for more details.





    outdoor beach game

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