WATCH: Chrissy Teigen Cries Over Spilled (Breast) Milk, Saves Every Drop

By Hart  |  Posted: July 24, 2018

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    Mrs. Legend is very serious about her mummy duties.

    If you have not noticed already, we here really love Chrissy Teigen. As in, we can’t get enough of her as a celebrity mum! She can do everything: take care of her two beautiful children, love her ‘legendary’ (heh) singer of a husband, write popular cookbooks, and now, save her own spilled breastmilk. 

    As every mum knows, every drop of that gracious liquid from our baby feeders is just too precious. So you can excuse Chrissy for trying to make every drop count and saving everything by any means possible. Not all mums (or breasts) were created equal. For one boob, you’d think you could pump a swimming pool’s worth for a baby army, but for your other one, the experience might be so pitiful, that you’d wish you could magically just formulate milk out of thin air.

    But in this case, Chrissy tried salvaging everything that spilled with her friend using a syringe, a baster, and what looks like a shoe horn. Just check out these videos she generously posted on Twitter – yes, all the moms in the office gave a collective gasp of horror and disappointment.

    She mentions in one of the clips how important breast milk is in her home, and in another, she captions it with “EVERY DROP COUNTS IN THIS HOUSE.” If that is not enough emphasis, then Trump isn’t a liar. This isn’t the first that she had to wing it in the name of self-produced dairy: last month, John Legend shared how she had to pump milk while they were on their way to an event. What an amazing guy!

    For us, Chrissy did not post these clips to seem self-aggrandizing. Rather, these are just her showing how natural she is as a mum, and that she empathizes with the struggle. Because really, there’s nothing more comforting than knowing how a celebrity shares her sadness and disappointment over literal spilled milk.

    It’s just wonderful how someone’s mistake can become a call for togetherness:

    If this weren’t enough, she also posted a photo of herself nursing her daughter Luna’s own “daughter”. Now, excuse us while we continue to fawn over how Chrissy could win in every mum department.

    Have you ever cried over your own spilled breast milk? What other mishaps did you have to go through for your kids? Don’t forget to leave your comments on our Facebook page!


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