Bravissimi: Italian Pre-School for Bright Little Stars

By Hart  |  Posted: July 5, 2018

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    Multiculturalism is no longer an exception: we are now a connected world through our shared communication over the internet and social media. This applies most of all to our children, the current generation who thrive on connection and information. And because of this, raising children who are bilingual is now an extremely appealing option. Its not just a gift for your kids anymore. Giving a foreign language education to your kids may save their future.

    Research has shown that raising bilingual children can provide many advantages to a child’s growth and development. Not only will it improve their memory and social skills, but it will also help them focus, reduce risk of depression, and control their stress.

    Bravissimi Italian Pre-School for Bright Little Stars believes that immersing young children is the best way to teach a second language. No English translations at all! Designed for kids 6 months to 16 years old, Bravissimi encourages its students to learn in a natural environment filled with native speakers.

    Founding Years

    The school first opened its doors to the Italian-Australian community in 2011. Since then, multiple students have learned and played in a true Italian education experience. The school is lead by Ms. Giusi Galbo, a qualified instructor who has been teaching Italian to young children for over 30 years. From her roots in Sicily, Italy, she moved to Melbourne in 1996 and began working as an Italian teacher and tutor for private schools and families.

    The Montessori Way

    Later on, she established Bravissimi as a center of Italian language education for kindergarten students. She has taught and trained in the Montessori Philosophy, an education method that uses a combination of the right materials, environment, and daily routines to foster faster and better learning. Your children will be able to learn Italian in a supportive way with the help of their qualified teachers and staff. Students will be guided as they develop better concentration, pronunciation, and spelling of words through Italian songs and nursery rhymes. This method of teaching also uses self-assessment and self-correction exercises, so that students can learn from their mistakes and assess their own progress.

     La Vita e Bella!

    Overall, the best way for children to learn a second language is to have a lot of fun while participating with fellow learners using only Italian! Bravissimi’s programs provide a variety of great games, activities, and learning opportunities! The classes are open for Pre-School levels, during, and after normal classes.  

    Get serious with your child becoming bilingual with Bravissimi! For more information on the school’s language classes, activities, schedules, and packages, visit their website.

    Bravissimi Italian Pre-School for Bright Little Stars is located in 1 93 McNamara Avenue, Airport West, 3042 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


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