12 Reasons Why You Should Not Boat Hire

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    There’s an abundance of things to do in Australia. It’s famous for its culture, wildlife and the amazing beaches. Yet, it is a wonder why so many families opt to hire a boat and go out into the crystal blue sea. 

    Please read these 12 reasons below why boat hiring is just not RIGHT FOR YOU. 


    1. Kids Complain About Getting Wet

    boab boats

    2. There’s NOT that much fish in the sea

    boab boats

    3. Dogs would rather stay at home

    boab boats

    4. The view is just so-so

    boab boats

    5. Nothing interesting under the sea

    boab boats

    6. Endless group picture time

    boab boats

    7. Not forgetting the dreaded selfies

    boab boats

    8. You’d have nothing exciting to share to your friends

    boab boats

    9. You meet annoying sea creatures

    boab boats

    10. You have to drag your kids

    boab boats hire

    11. And be dragged along with them


    12. And lastly, owning your own boat for a day will not make you look cool

    (Ok maybe a little)

    boab boats

    You see, there really is not that much to boat hiring.

    See for yourselves!

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