Boab Boats: Explore Wonderful Cairns with this Boat Hire

By Hart  |  Posted: June 19, 2018

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    Cairns is just a beauty of a place! From the wonderful weather, to the many resorts, and natural attractions, its no wonder that people cannot get enough of the city. Fishing and touring around the bay are also very popular- who would not want to soak in all the sun and fresh air?

    If you and your family are after that mid-ocean scenery, then you would need a boat hire. Get the safe and right choice by booking with Boab Boats.

    Hire a Boab Boats on the Cairns and experience all that the paradise city has to give. You can fish in iconic sites such as the Mulgrave and Russell river systems, or the Baron River. Camping is also possible near the edge of Lake Tinaroo and the Atherton Tablelands. Experience the joy of catching your own Red Claw crayfish and chasing Barramundi! 

    You can also snorkel and scuba dive to your heart’s content near the reefs. Your family will get to observe all the great aqua life, and at the same, they will get to learn the values of conserving our oceans. And if you get tired from all the diving and fishing, sit back and relax on your own beach. 

    You won’t need to tow your boats into the water- Boab Boats can provide the service for you. That just means you can comfortably plan your trip, head to the bay, and cast off on the boat to enjoy the day! 

    Enjoy the seafood, sun and sea with Boab Boat Hires!

    To book your boat hire, dial 0412 424243.

    Boab Boat Hires in Cairns is located in Cairns, 4870 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. For more detailed information and a map of Boab Boats, visit Fun Kids Guide.

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