21 Birthday Cake Designs to Make You Happy

By Hart  |  Posted: May 31, 2018

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    A controversial French princess once said “let them have cake”. We’re really not sure if she actually said that, but we’d gladly have some birthday cake right now! 

    The birthday cake is one of the most important aspects in the birthday party. Every kid celebrating their birthday looks forward to seeing their cake, and we’re sure their friends would want a slice of it too! If you have a birthday coming up, then you’ve stumbled upon the right list!

    Here are 21 Birthday Cake designs that will surely make you and your child happy for their party!


    1. Strawberry Fields!

    We’re sure any Beatles fan would get that reference. We love us some chocolate-covered strawberries!

    2. The Doctor is In

    Any smart doctor would say not to eat too much sugar. But we hope they would give us passes on our special day!

    3. The Mightiest Birthday Cake

    Assemble your family and friends for this confectionery spectacle. Any fan of the Marvel movies would love this!

    4. Cake Goals

    Kids will surely get a ‘kick’ out of seeing this birthday cake! Who wouldn’t love seeing a football cake filled up with smaller football candies? Its an instant hit!

    5. A Royal Treat

    This birthday cake was made fit for a princess! We can’t get over the fact that Rapunzel’s hair is actually a long trail of braided icing!

    6. Wickedly Delightful

    This cake may have came out of the Wicked Witch of the West’s oven. Dorothy would have loved to take this back home!

    7. Build-a-Cake

    This cake had us singing to the LEGO Movie’s “Everything is Awesome!” Look at the cute figurines still scrambling to fix the layout!

    8. Can We Have Some Ketchup Too?

    If the food at the party isn’t enough, then you can ask for this huge burger birthday cake. This was probably made for the fast food lovers, but kids would love this too. 

    9. Shun the Non-Cake Lovers

    Nothing beats the majesty and magic of a proper unicorn birthday cake. We’re still waiting for a smaller treat like this, but the cake will do. 

    10. Party in the Jungle

    This birthday cake design reminded us of the amazing beauty found in wildlife. We wish the kid getting this cake a wild and fun birthday party!

    11. A Quaint Mushroom Cottage

    Unfortunately, fairies do not live in this cute little hut. But we’re stunned at how picturesque this cake came out. 

    12. Going Overboard

    Looks like someone got a bit too excited with the sprinkles and malt balls. We’re not complaining though; if your kid gets tired of the sweets, can we have some?

    13. A Wonderful Cake Baked True

    A bit more extravagant than the princess cake, this nonetheless is perfect for the royal in your life. Now, if we can only find the pair of glass slippers that went missing…

    14. It’s a Wizard’s Cake, Mason!

    Young Harry Potter fans will definitely ask for this kind of birthday cake. Unfortunately, that wand cannot make you apparate.

    15. An Honourable Cake

    Your young squire will be pleased with this cake baked for his name day. The additional dragon cupcakes are separate, but will add a touch of magic.

    16. Bake It and Roll Out!

    Transform your kid’s birthday party with this heroic cake featuring the Autobots! It will be sad to gobble up the little bots, but they protected humanity until the last circuit.

    17. Don’t Be Late for The Party!

    Wonderland themed birthday parties are always fun: the games can get a bit wacky and the decorations can be literally out of this world. We won’t blame you if the kids start diving into this delectable cake.

    18. Beyond the Blue Sea

    We’re really not freaking out over Cake Bruce’s eyes here, but this looks like a great birthday cake. Nothing beats a floating manta ray made of sugar and frosting.

    19. Never Too Late for Tea

    This is similar to the Wonderland cake, but this fits in well with a tea party theme. Your daughter might actually wait until that “tea” spills over!

    20. Happy Orbit Day!

    When your kids revolve around your life, you know you have to bring out the best space theme birthday cake. The spaceman would be happy to have a blast at the party.

    21. Congrats on Leveling Up

    You can never be too old for a birthday cake made of video game characters. Too bad we can’t play games on that classic NES!


    These cake designs will surely add magic spin to your kid’s birthday party. Try showing these designs to your kid and see what he or she likes. We’re pretty sure they will have a hard time picking!

    If you’re still looking for more design ideas on what cake to get for your kid’s birthday party, we believe you have to consult a patisserie or pastry chef! You can look up for the nearest expert near through Fun Kids Guide. Cheers, and happy cake shopping!

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