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By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: August 2, 2018

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    Mom-and-Pop stalls, entrepreneur projects, and aspiring chef-owners looking to spread their wings. These, and more, make up the denizens of the many Sunday markets and food parks in Makati. For as long as foodies and us parents who prefer a great, home-cooked meal (sunshine or sundown) out of the house flock to these stalls, the food parks will continue to stay to satiate our palettes. 

    We seek to spread knowledge and hold the truth of great meals above all else; that is why it’s so important to come up with this guide. These destinations are a hodge-podge of culinary wonders and are even worthy of their own features. But for the sake of brevity, we have included here the classics that would make your ‘tito’ or ‘tita’ happy, plus some up-and-coming markets scaled for the modern Filipino taste.

    Salcedo Community Market

    What better way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning than outside in a park with trees and nature? Here in Salcedo Community Market, you are treated to international flavours, mouth-watering barbecue, natural & organic products, fresh produce and more. The market also attracts a lot of the expat community which gives this market a very cosmopolitan vibe.

    Hours: Saturday 7am – 2pm

    Contact Info: Facebook | Instagram

    Get directions here

    Jaime C. Velasquez Park, Tordesillas, Makati, 1209

    Legaspi Village Sunday Market

    Here, a mix of the Salcedo and local crowds come to the Legaspi Market on Sundays. The stalls here are more bohemian chic with hand crafted bags, local artworks and beautiful gemstones. Like Salcedo, you are still spoiled for choice with the diverse selection of cuisines like Japanese, French, Mediterranean, Persian, and of course, Filipino.

    Hours: Sundays 7.30am – 2pm

    Contact Info: Facebook Instagram

    Get directions here

    Herrera st. cor Legazpi and Salcedo V.A. Rufino St, Legazpi Village, Makati,

    Hole in the Wall

    The jewel of Century City Mall, Hole in the Wall was originally conceptualized as a delectable alternative for the discerning, lunch-going office worker. This is no disheveled hob-knob of a diner, as the name would suggest. Its place as one of the best food parks in Makati is assured, thanks to its balanced offering of 11 diverse food stalls and avant-garde interior decor. Bring your family and swim in the gastro-pool of NY-inspired sandwiches, ramen that scream “Happiness!”, organic health bowls, serious pizza, and most of all, the legendary cookie bar. Trust us, you and your family will be very happy coming here. By Scout’s Honor.

    Hours: Sun to Thu: 11am – 10pm, Fri to Sat: 11am – 12mn

    Contact Info:   801 1230 | Facebook | Instagram

    Get directions here

    4/F Century Mall, Kalayaan cor. Salamanca St. Makati, 1210

    Ruins Food Park Project

    Your Makati happy hours will never be the same again. Ruins Food Park was not really designed for a family-friendly affair, but there is still some value here for your picky kid-connoisseur. Food trucks and mobiles populate this run-down site, converting it into a food haven worthy of any Instagram feed. The food here are quick fixes but don’t scrounge on quality. Pho Yo’s take on Vietnamese food, such as the spring rolls and Pho Bo (a beef noodle dish), are instant favorites. There is also the authentic beef goodness, wrapped up in tortilla, at Shawarma Brothers. More selections await you here, and we must not forget the occasional live bands taking over the jam sessions. 

    Hours: Mon to Sun: 4pm – 1am

    Contact Info: 0943 808 6256 | Facebook

    Get directions here

    RUINS Food Park Project, Metropolitan Ave., Makati, 1203

    Buendia Food by the Court

    Barbecue and chicken wings after basketball, anyone? Whoever designed and built Buendia Food by the Court definitely knows the Pulse of the People. The first thing you would see here is the well lit and ventilated concrete basketball court, with ballers expressing their love for the Nation’s Game. If you ever gain a spot on the floor, then you must have mad skills: make your kids (and your partner) proud!

    After that, you will be gassed just enough to partake of the many food stalls curated for a champion. Take in the signature creation of Rojak Salad, a pure health dish mixed with pineapples, cucumber, and green mango slices. Little Kodo is here to satisfy your Nippon cravings with hearty Gyoza and Takoyaki. There’s even a pulutan (bar chow) stall in Korvits Grill and a Mexican cantina Lamexa serving everything with CHEESE. Don’t forget to enjoy a cold beer with your family or team mates on the roof deck.

    Hours: Monday to Sunday 5pm – 12 am

    Contact Info: 744 5510 | Facebook | Instagram

    Get directions here


    Mercato Centrale Glorietta Open Park

    Near mythical in the country’s food scene, this is the food park that started the entire trend. The brainchild of writer-speaker-entrepreneur duo RJ and Vanessa Ledesma, Mercato Centrale was inspired by the town square ensembles that form the core of Italian daily life. But unlike just offering breads, cheeses, and pasta, the Mercato of the Philippines is a national business incubator. You will find in Dolphin Park just outside the Ayala Glorietta 4 building a selection of some of the best Filipino street food vendors, all curated with quality and value in mind.

    Take a deep dive into these organic creations. You will find a lot of crowd pleasers such as native skewers, barbecue sticks, grilled meats, and various rice meals. A filling combination would be a side of sisig (sizzling pork cheeks and liver mixed in cilantro, chili, and onions), an unforgiving sight of a cheese burger slider, slices of scrumptious lechon meat and skin (native roasted pork stuffed with God-knows-what spices), sticks of deep-fried fish balls and spring rolls, and finally, a signature cocktail from Did we mention that this plate was just for you?  

    Hours: Thu to Fri: 4pm – 3am

    Contact Info:  Facebook | Instagram

    Get directions here

    East Street, corner Courtyard drive, Makati


    With malls starting to fill up and the local diners gaining traction, its only a matter of time before the food scene becomes a literal battlefield. But don’t fret: the food parks of Makati are here to answer your every foodie whim. Enjoy the many delectable delights (we’re getting hungry now..) and have fun with your family!

    For more guides on the best restaurants and food parks in Metro Manila, head on over to Fun Kids Guide!


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