Best Restaurants In Makati That's Perfect For The Family

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: August 8, 2018

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    From delectable sweets to classic comfort food like burgers and pizza, here are the best family restaurants in Makati you and your kids could dig in!

    In case you do not know it yet, Makati City is a hot bed for restaurants and cafes that cater to a variety of tastes. This is no surprise really as the city serves as the capital of commerce and finance in the country. Fancy diners, avant garde concepts, and cool coffee shops are the norm, but lucky enough, the CBD has its fair share of destinations that are family-friendly favorites.

    So that you will not get lost in the flavor roads of Salcedo, Legaspi, Greenbelt, and beyond, here are the best family restaurants in Makati.

    MilkyWay Cafe

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    Established as a dairy and ice cream bar in the early 1950’s along Old San Miguel, MilkyWay continues to be a local favorite among families looking for a classic, home-cooked meal. The famous ice creams and renowned desserts like buko lechias sherbet are still there, but the menu has been updated to meet the standards of a 5-star cafe and restaurant. And that’s minus the high prices.

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    900 Antonio Arnaiz Avenue, 1200 Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines ll View Map

    Phone Number: (02) 843 4124

    Cinq Dessert Boutique

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    Named after the French word for five, the name Cinq stands for the five essential ingredients to creating pastries- butter, sugar, milk/cream, flour, and eggs. What started out as a food bazaar project in 2012 has become a well-known dessert and pastrie destination among Makati’s families. To get things started, order the Aurore, a chocolate tart infused with macademia nuts and caramel. You can then follow it up with a trio of well-balanced flavored tarts: choose from Ligaya (Philippine lime), Louise (pecan pie), and Pilita (gluten-free pili with caramel and coconut sugar).

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    Ground Floor, Ceo Flats 27 corner Jupiter Street, Canopus, 1211 Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines ll View Map

    Phone Number: (02) 890 0886

    Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza 

    Image result for Gino's Brick Oven Pizza  Makati

    What do you get for mixing Filipino innovation with Neopolitan-inspired cuisine? Add in a ton of brick-fire ovens, and you will most probably get Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza. Originally located in Katipunan, Quezon City, this new branch in Salcedo Village is primed to deliver authentic Italian homemade pasta, salads with Burrata, and of course, the aforementioned handcrafted pizza pies. Don’t leave without sampling the SMEGG: a smorgasbord of homemade sausage, mushrooms, gouda cheese, cream, and eggs. 

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    Tordecillas corner Bautista Street, Salcedo Village, 1227 Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines ll View Map

    Phone Number: (+632) 779 8192

    Three Guys and A Grill 

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    Nestled deep within the growing food-and-drink scene of Poblacion is an ode to the wonders of the humble hotdog sandwich. With sausages designed and micro-manufactured by Santi’s, all the breads are locally baked and the sauces and toppings are also made in-house. This all-local approach is a unique (even weird) bedmate to what the owners described as euro-hotdogs, a focus on the dog-and-bun relationship rather than on the supplementary condiments. But really, to best describe how awesome this combination is, try out the traditional Swiss Army Dog (Swiss schublig grilled, topped with pickles, cheese, and grilled onions).

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    4364 B. Valdez Street, Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines ll View Map

    Phone Number: (02) 8174449 

    8 Cuts Burgers 

    Image result for 8 Cuts Burgers  Makati

    8 Cuts Burger Blends is the original custom-patty burger joint in the country. And the competition does not even come close to the craftsmanship they offer. Each burger you can customize is derived from 5 custom blends, each created from 8 different cuts of 100% certified US-Grade Beef. This ensures that each bite you take is succulent and savory, without sacrificing flavor. Take your pick from the menu: you cannot go wrong with the classic Cheeseburger or the stacked Franch. The core experience of course would not be complete without rich toppings, sauces, and essential sides (fries vs onion rings, anyone?).

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    H.V. dela Costa Street corner L.P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, 1227 Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines ll View Map

    Phone Number: (+631) 917 539 2505

    SweetXManila (Sweet Ecstasy) 

    Image result for SweetXManila (Sweet Ecstasy)  Makati

    There should not be anything complicated in your burger. Beef patty, lettuce, tomato, dressing, and maybe a slice of simple cheese: nothing fancy, just pure zest. But Sweet Ecstasy, even as it pays tribute to the simple things in life, is more than just a burger joint.This small stall in Cubao selling milk and cookies has turned into a rising fast food star. Cooked fresh for your enjoyment, the burgers are indeed as good as the cheesy burger puns strewn around the interior. Go ahead, spoil your kids a bit.

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    10 Jupiter Street corner Asteroid Street, Bel-Air, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines ll View Map

    Phone Number: (+631) 906 346 7989


    Born out of pure passion for French patisserie, Bizu (which is Bisous in French, meaning to kiss) relies on the artistic craft of Filipino chefs who have learned the subtle art of making Parisian pastries. Kids will definitely love the multitude of sweets available on display as much as the atmosphere of a downtown French cafe. Make sure to pass by and check what delectable French cakes (the Blueberry Chiboust is sublime) are shown in store. Don’t forget to order as many macaroons as you can; they go so well with the tea!

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    Ground Level, Greenbelt 2 Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines ll View Map

    Phone Number: (02) 757 2498

    Filling Station 

    Image result for Filling Station  Makati

    Get transported all the way back to 1940’s-1950’s Americana ala Riverdale with the Filling Station. Recently renovated to include a fluorescent-lit wing, this 30 year old diner’s menu has aged as gracefully as this destination. Drink some creamy milkshakes, eat some old-fashioned burgers and fries, and enjoy some classic tunes from the jukebox, all while riding in a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado. Anyone up for a murder mystery like Archie and the Gang?

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    5012 P. Burgos Street, 1210 Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines ll View Map

    Phone Number: (02) 897 2053

    Carmen’s Best Ice Cream 

    Image result for Carmen's Best Ice Cream  Makati

    Behind every scoop of Carmen’s Best Ice Cream is years of dedication, passion, and sacrifice for the love of ice cream. Originally a business dedicated to other dairy products like cheeses and flavored milk, the Magsaysays eventually focused on creating the best ice cream with the freshest ingredients possible. From Strawberry, Chocolate, even to Brazilian Coffee and Malted Milk, the flavor catalog has undergone many changes. The shop in Valero is one of their efforts to reach out to a much bigger audience. Fun tip: Carmen is actually the name of the founder’s daughter.

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    Centrum II Building, 150 Valero Street, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines ll View Map

    Phone Number: (+631) 917 567 2378

    Cartel Deli

    Image result for Cartel Deli Makati

    Easy, like your favorite cup of coffee or espresso. Although not a traditional family-friendly spot, your kids will find that Cartel Deli could be their next must-visit little cafe in Leviste. There is nothing complicated in the menu’s warm offerings: grilled cheese sandwiches, a simple baguette with just the right combination of bacon and cheese, and some chorizo with fried eggs could make any child happy. If you prefer a much stronger coffee offering, there’s the #SalcedoSwing by Yardstick, a sweet-and-dark creation that is sure to perk up your day (or keep you up at night)

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    119 L.P. Leviste Street, 1227 Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines ll View Map

    Phone Number: (02) 772 8270

    For more amazing destinations for you and for your family in Makati, head on over to Fun Kids Guide!


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