Awesome Games For Your Children

By Pia Marie Balquiedra

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    Kids learn best through activities that engage their curiosity and creativity. When it comes to this, what kind of activities are better than games?

    Below is a list of just some of the many benefits of play.

    1. You can forge a deeper bond with your children as you play games with them.
    2. If they play with other children, they can learn to get along with others.
    3. Games often require or encourage communication, meaning your children will be able to practice their language skills.
    4. Your children will be able to develop motor skills.
    5. Children will almost always have fun when playing games. Fun helps your children boost their mood and their psychological well-being.
    6. Activities like these will help your child improve their self-esteem.
    7. Games will help your child become more independent and will teach them self-regulation. The younger kids learn to control their emotions and behaviour, the more successful they are in classroom learning, and in life.

    Don’t know where to start? We got you covered! Check out the list below for some game suggestions and ideas!


    1. Balance beam

    This is both fun and challenging. It’ll be even more interesting if you offer a simple reward to the winner. Also, this game is easier to set up than you think! All you need to do is create straight or curved lines with sticky tape. The child, or child at heart, that can walk the length of the tape without stepping on the bare floor wins. You can use multiple colours and have unique rules for them. For example, if the tape is blue, participants must walk with one hand on his head.

    2. Freeze dance


    When it comes to fun, nothing beats a dance party! This game is one of the best games for your child to learn self-regulation. Tell everyone that they must hold still once the music stops. The first person to move is eliminated for the next round. The game ends when only one person is left. Don’t forget to encourage your children and help them improve their self-esteem by giving them a simple reward.

    3.  Touch and feel


    This game is a great way to train your little ones’ minds to identify objects without their sense of sight. This will also help improve their memory. To play, all you need to do is place several interesting objects into containers, and have your child identify them by touch. Another way to play is by blindfolding them and having them identify items that are placed on a table.

    1.  Traffic lights

    This game will not only teach your children to obey the rules, it might also save their life when they become old enough to drive! One person will play the traffic cop and turns to face a wall. The first person to tag the traffic cop wins. However, they can only move once the cop shouts “Green!” If the cop shouts “Red!” The other participants must stop, and the cop gets to check if everyone obeys. Anyone caught still moving will get sent back to the starting line. This will give you an opportunity to encourage good behaviour by rewarding children who follow the rules.

    1. Pitching pennies


    This is a cool way to develop your children’s hand-eye coordination. This is very similar to beer pong, except there’s no alcohol involved! Give each participant five coins. The goal is to toss the coins, one at a time, into the cup. To make things fair and to keep it challenging, ask each participant to move further away from the cup if they are older. The participant who puts in most coins wins.

    1. Musical chairs

    Musical chairs, also known as Trip to Jerusalem, is a fun and challenging game. And it’s very easy to set up! All you need is music and chairs. The number of chairs must be one fewer than the players. When the music stops whichever player fails to sit on a chair is eliminated, with a chair then being removed and the process repeated until only one player remains.

    1. Scavenger hunt

    All children love adventures and challenges, which is why this game is just perfect! Compile a list of numerous times for your child to find! If the items are in difficult hiding spots, you can write clues next to each item on the list. Or if some of your things are missing, have the children help you by adding them to the list. Offer simple rewards to children who find the most items to make things a little more interesting and to make them more competitive.

    1. Sock toss 

    This game gives you an opportunity to have fun with your little ones as you organise clothes. This is just like basketball, except you use rolled up socks instead of balls, and a hamper instead of a basket. Take turns to throw socks into the basket. To make things more challenging, move one step back each time you get a sock into the basket.

    1. Miniature catapult

    Have your children create a catapult using spoons, rubber bands and popsicle sticks to create miniature catapults. Once done, have the children compete on who can toss things into a container. They can even try to toss marshmallows into their mouths!

    1.  Sock wars

    Divide players into two teams. Roll up socks into balls and then have each team create a fort using blankets, pillows, chairs, and the like. Make sure all breakables are cleared away and start throwing! If someone gets hit, they are out for the remainder of the game! The last team standing wins!

    1. Indoor obstacle course

    All children will absolutely love this! Create obstacles using pillows, blankets, and many other things at your home! Make the children follow specific rules on what to do or how to manoeuvre around each obstacle. For example, if there is a chair or a table, tell the kids that they must crawl under it. If there is a hula hoop, they must use the hoop twice or thrice before moving on to the next obstacle and so on.

    Don’t forget to child-proof the area before setting up obstacles!

    1. Follow the leader

    It’ll be easier to get your children to do what you want them to by making it a game! Designate yourself as the leader or take turns with the kids, so that everyone gets to be the leader at least once. Every player must do what the leader does. Do stuff like jumping, stomping, clapping, and so on. This is an excellent way to get your children to workout.

    We guarantee that you and your children will have a wonderful and fun experience through the games that we suggested.

    If your little ones have already played most of these games, then they’re lucky to have parents as wonderful as you! If you’re looking for something different for them, then there’s plenty of kid-friendly board games, card games and educational video games out there!

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