Australian verdict is in for how to make the perfect cup of Milo

By Pia Marie Balquiedra  |  Posted: October 22, 2017

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    A vote was made by an Australian party to decide on the best recipe for a perfect cup of Milo.

    There’s an unwritten rule that Aussies tend to add more than the recommended three spoonfuls of Milo powder to their mugs.

    Important and clever people were tasked to agree upon something so divisive as loving or hating vegemite. How many spoonfuls of Milo is just right? Milk or cream? Should we be brave and add a pinch of salt too?

    Those that were in the committee included brilliant gastro-chefs, chemists, food critics but there were those that represented the masses whose opinions (somewhat) mattered too.

    Steve Harding from Blacktown is an avid Milo fan and he recommended at least 6 heaping spoonfuls, he claims the buzz got him over his nicotine addiction.

    Louise Brown, a nutritionist, was confused why she had been invited because she would never publicly support a beverage that is a detriment to the health of humanity.

    US Marketing Director, Ben Harris, also came to the committee but immediately realised he was meant for the Ovaltine presentation.

    After a whole afternoon of strong debate, the consensus seemed far from unanimous. The dilemma being, how could you have a drink that had the sweetness of Milo but can take away the health risks? It was then that nutritionist Louise Brown stood up and made everyone recognise that the solution was not to add more powder but in fact to add less.

    One member said: “Less than 3 spoons? But that’s just watery chocolate milk!”

    Eventually, the majority came to the conclusion that all this time, they have been lied to. The secret to a perfect cup of milo is not 3 tablespoons but…
    Only 1 regular heaping tablespoon of Milo, 1.5 tablespoon of condensed milk, a small amount of heated up water just to dissolve the Milo, and fill up rest of the mug with cold milk (No diet / skimmed / 2% milk! Use the proper stuff.)


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