The Best Attractions in Melbourne for Kids

By Hart  |  Posted: July 16, 2018

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    When going out on a trip around  the city, make sure to visit the best attractions in Melbourne for kids!

    A city full of sights and wonders, Melbourne is full of destinations perfect for families. You will not run out of great parks, museums, and other attractions to take in. So bring your sunscreen, snacks, and an extra set of clothes as you journey through these amazing attractions!

    Luna Park

    18 Lower Esplanade, St. Kilda, 3182 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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    Some say it is the most magical place in the city. From Mr. Moon’s signature gaping mouth entrance to the beautiful Carousel and rides, Luna Park has been a central attraction in Melbourne for generations. The park has been in operation for more than 100 years, and yet it still provides everyone something to enjoy. Get on the ride of your life with The Great Scenic Railway, the oldest operating wooden roller coaster. Enjoy the grand views of the adjacent Port Philip Bay overlooking St. Kilda. And if those things don’t tickle your fancy, you could always raise your adrenaline levels with the newer Pharaoh’s Curse and Power Surge joy rides! 

    Eureka Skydeck

    Riverside Quay, Southbank, 3006 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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    Nearly 300 metres off terra firma and it takes 38 seconds to get to the top. This is how exhilarating the Eureka Skydeck is as one of Australia’s most sought-after tourist spots. Take in that 360 degree view of the entire city while seeing the top destinations in Port Philip Bay, the Dandenong Ranges, and Federation Square. After using all 30 viewfinders on the deck, head down to the 88th floor to find The Edge, a ‘glass case’ room that helps you feel like you’re hovering above the city skyline. Indeed, this is one spectacular tower you should miss!

    National Gallery of Victoria

    180 St. Kilda Road, 3006 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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    The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is the oldest arts and culture gallery in the city. The entire NGV collection boasts of creative and historical opportunities for kids to learn and develop their sense of art and history. Spanning nearly 200 years of national and international history, 70,000 works from all over the world have been curated or presented in its exhibits.  Getting in the museum is quick and easy through their online booking; you can also check what is currently on display through their Exhibitions section.

    Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

    202 King Street, 3000 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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    Don’t feel all blue when you enter the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium: this state-of-the-art aquatic display of different animals from the sea can cheer you up! Your kids will be amazed with the specialty shows scheduled everyday-  dive right in to meet some marine predators in the Shark Dive Extreme, observe a deep ocean panoramic paradise in the Mermaid Garden, or dapper up with the Gentoo penguins in the ice-covered Penguin Playground. There is even a special, in-house 4-D cinema to watch Ice Age: No Time for Nuts, featuring Scrat and his buddies in another hilarious adventure!

    Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

    Birdwood Avenue, South Yarra, 3141 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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    Breathe in the fresh air and take in the wonderful greenness of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Designed to be a leading research facility in horticulture, education and conservation, the Gardens also provide a haven for nature and plant lovers. Kids of all ages can gain a better appreciation of plant life through the interactive settings: walk along the wooden bridges and beaten pathways of Fern Gully, observe the sun or stars through the historic Melbourne Observatory, and then visit the ancient Plant Craft Cottage for some tranquil craft making using plant materials. This is the perfect trip for families looking for a more quiet experience.

    Melbourne Museum

    11 Nicholson Street, Carlton, 3053 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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    A purveyor of modern and antique attractions found all over the country and the world, the Melbourne Museum is one of the top destinations for children’s education and entertainment. It may not be a theme park, but it is a display full of stories, marvels, and technology. Take a gander at the museum’s schedule to see what the museum’s cooking up: one weekend could feature a collection of ancient Viking weapons, crafts, and ships, while the next one celebrates the achievements of Victorian Aboriginal women who have made a lasting impact on Australian history. If your family loves to see, touch, and feel history ,then this is the place to be!


    2365 Plenty Road, Whittlesea, 3757 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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    The best “Wet ‘n Wild” experience for kids of all ages, Funfields is one of the largest water parks in all of Australia! Where else can you find water slides, giant tubes, and “cannons” that could outsize and out match anything else in the world? Defy gravity while getting your daily supply of FUN and SUN with the new Gravity Wave. While you are still soaking wet, head over to the world’s longest cannon slide for a race (speeds of over 60 kph!), the Kraken Racer. And if you prefer to keep on your clothes while dry, swing your mind crazy in the air with the Voodoo 360 looping pendulum! Go Karts, the mini golf course, the Dragon’s Fury VR ride, and ferris wheels round what promises to be an unforgettable day!

    A Maze ‘N Things

    1805 Philip Island Road, Cowes, 3922 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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    If your family is up for a bit of puzzle-solving, the fun and a-Maze-ing challenges at A Maze ‘N Things is just what you all need. Built for more thinking than just running and jumping, the attractions here are as baffling as they are addictive! Get lost and find your way around the giant 3D maze. Level up to the different mind games of the illusion-filled Puzzle Island. For the older kids in your family, they may find the Magic Manor as their favorite attraction- there is a bit of everything, including a scare room, an annoying time machine, and MORE illusions than you could ever imagine. Are you ready to be A-Mazed?

    Wonderland Junior

    101 Waterfront Way, Docklands, 3008 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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    Who says you need to go out of town to have some family fun? Wonderland Junior is the perfect fun park for families who want a little more zest in their family trips! With rides such as the Dodgem Cars and Rockin’ Tug, anyone and everyone is welcome to unwind and enjoy the rides. Just bring a massive dose of excitiement with you! If you are looking for an amazing time during the holidays, Wonderland Junior also hosts a ton of activities depending on the occasion. We highly recommend this for families with much younger kids (7 years old and below).

    Dinosaur World

    Franston-Flinders Road and Oneills Road, Somerville, 3912 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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    Do you miss the dino-raging adventures of Jurassic Park? If so, then Dinosaur World at Somerville Christmas Tree Farm would satisfy your interest for these giant lizards (until the next movie, that is!). Take a hop through time to witness these magnificent creatures come back to life! With a little help from technology, you can get to see a walking dinosaur named Wilson, excavate dino fossils in the Dig and Discover area, and explore the park around the special tractor carriage! Bring some BBQ for a picnic and let your children run with these ancient titans!

    For more amazing attractions in Melbourne and around Australia perfect for the family, find it through Fun Kids Guide!

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