Show Off Your Archery Skills at Archery Games in Sydney

By Hart  |  Posted: July 3, 2018

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    Are your kids really bored because of the holidays/school break? Well, this outdoor competitive activity is the game he and his friends have been looking for! If you happen to be in or around Sydney, head on over to Archery Games for some shooting fun!

    Archery Games is an entertainment business that can bring an archery game to your doorstep. Your kids can either drop by their Glenwood location, or ask to drop off a mobile system at a designated area. You just have to pick a big enough space to hold the game, and let the company know where it is. Whether its for a birthday party at the local park, or a competitive match in an indoor centre or private party, Archery Games can set up a match easily!

    Archery Games provides two types of packages for you to choose from.

    Archery Tag

    This is one of the newest forms of combat sport gaining ground in Australia. Players use recurve bows and foam-tipped arrows to take down opposing team members on the field. Games usually consist of 5 players per team- each team must take down the other team’s players before their members get eliminated. Players will have to maneuver through inflatable bunkers and obstacles throughout the course. This type of tag is very similar to paintball, without the pain and bruising! Highly recommended for players in their pre-teen to teen years, this game is simple, fast, and unbelievably fun!

    Estimated playing time: 1.5 to 2 hours (to allow time for learning, safety instructions and practice)

    Package Includes: point-based games, combat variations like Medic, Hunger Games, VIP, and Infection!


    Kid’s Archery Tag Event (ages 10 to 16 years)- 1.5 hours ($34.00/person), 2 hours ($42.00/person)

    Adults Archery Tag Event- 1.5 hours ($46.00/person), 2 hourst ($56.00/person)

    For longer events, please contact Archery Games

    Inflatable Range

    S.A.F.E. (Students and Families Experiencing Archery) Archery is the target practice and social activity every family needs. Each foam-tipped arrow used has the same flight characteristics as normal arrows, without the sharp and dangerous tips. Players take turns firing at four hovering balls inside the inflated archery range. You do not need any prior archery experience and the friendly staff can teach you how to use the bows and arrows!  

    Perfect for: Ages 6 and up

    This package is perfect for:

    • Bucks or Hens Events
    • Corporate team-building events
    • Adult birthday parties
    • Kids birthday parties
    • Youth/Scouts and Church events
    • School events
    • Christmas parties
    • Anytime you need a dose of FUN!

    Book an awesome archery match for your kids at Archery Games in Sydney! For more information on their packages, their gallery, and other activities, visit Archery Games’ website.

    Archery Games in Sydney is located in 21 Glenwood Park Drive, 2768 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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