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    Have you ever wondered how your child can benefit from play areas?

    We have! And in our search for answers, we found several reasons why us parents should make sure that our children have enough experience in this regard!

    Playing freely is incredibly important for children to relax and have fun! Indoor play areas are places where the little ones can have fun and be active in a safe, clean and colourful environment!

    We’ve listed just some of the benefits of having your children experience indoor play areas!

    1. Playing in indoor play areas will help your child develop social skills.

    The experience will help your children become socially aware and will help them gain confidence to interact with others.


    1. Playing in indoor play areas will keep your child active and healthy!

    These days, most children spend their time at home watching TV and that’s not good for them! Engaging in physical activities will help them become healthier, both emotionally and physically!


    1. Safety

    Safety. One of the most important words when it comes to our children! Most indoor play areas use equipment specifically designed to keep kids from injuring themselves!


    1. Indoor play areas can help encourage your child’s creativity!

    Interacting with other children will help your child develop their imagination. They can learn to be more expressive and curious.


    Looking for the best play area in Geelong? Check out our recommendation below!


    All 4 Kids Playcentre is THE state-of-the-art, safe, and secure indoor play centre for children, and the young at heart!


    The establishment is open daily and has something to offer for the whole family!


    Whether you’re booking your child’s birthday party or catching up for coffee in the establishment’s modern café, their wonderful and friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you!



    There facility has a pre-walk area, and a toddler area. For safety and hygiene purposes, all children and adults are required to wear socks while on the equipment. No socks, no play!

    Please keep in mind that a parent or guardian is required to be present at all times. No food is allowed inside the establishment, except for baby food.


    Admission is free for adults, and infants under 12 months.


    What are you waiting for? Bring the whole family to All 4 Kids and experience its fantastic climbing, sliding, and jumping facilities! We promise that your children will love it!


    Click here for more info on their birthday packages!

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