Aclichia's DanceFitness Academy: A School that Offers Dance Classes To Kids Of All Ages

By Hart  |  Posted: May 15, 2018

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    School breaks can feel longer than they should be. Without school occupying their time, getting bored can be a common problem with kids. Dance class then is a good activity to get your kids to be active. Dance classes not only provide a place for your kids to learn how to perform and to express themselves, but they also help to build their fitness and confidence.



    Alichia’s DanceFitness Academy is a dance school that combines classical and modern dance for health and wellness. Dedicated to developing creativity and self-expression in their students, the academy strives to develop positive and happy experiences for all its members. The whole community is passionate in celebrating all its achievements in order to inspire love and appreciation for the art of dance.

    The classes offered by Alichia’s DanceFitness are as varied as the backgrounds of its students. Embracing everyone’s differences, the academy makes sure that everyone can be safe and comfortable in expressing themselves. Competence, freedom of expression and empowerment are key aspects the dance school wishes to highlight in its programs. 



    Apart from teaching dance as an art form, many of the classes also focus on promoting and maintaining great health. Its with these goals that the teachers and instructors focus on making sure that the school’s curriculum is constantly evolving

    Your kids will surely be able to stave off boredom while staying happy and active through these dance classes! As Aclichia’s DanceFitness mantra states: “It is not about the quality of dancers we have, but rather the quality of dancers that we wish to produce.”

    Aclichia’s DanceFitness Academy offers classes in Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop and Contemporary Dance. There also classes for Strength and Flexibility and Zumba Fitness. To find a full listing of dance classes, including for kids 5 and under, visit their website.  



    Alichia’s Dance Fitness Academy is located at 105 Station Road, Sunnybank, 4109 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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