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    Exploring the idea of having your child attend martial arts classes? Let us help you decide! Below are just a few reasons to do so!


    1. Your child will develop self-defense skills

    All parents think about their children’s safety. Learning these skills doesn’t guarantee their safety but it can help us worry a little bit less.  

    1. Martial arts will help your child stay fit.
    2. Your child will develop confidence.
    3. Martial arts will help your children gain self-discipline.
    4. The classes will present your children with opportunities to socialize and compete with other students.


    The most famous martial arts include Karate, boxing, Judo, Taekwondo, Aikido, and Muay Thai! If you’re looking for an Aikido class in Sydney, then we recommend that you visit Marrickville’s Aikido Yoshinkai NSW!


    But first, what is Aikido anyway?


    This martial art is often referred to as the way of harmony. It does not promote aggression or violence. It focuses on helping people to redirect an opponent’s attack or momentum and use it against them.


    Aikido Yoshinkai was established in 2005 by Darren Friend and Peggy Woo. Their extensive training in Japan and their exposure to Japanese culture has given them a unique insight and perspective, which they bring to every single class!


    AYNSW offers both group and private classes in Yoshinkan Aikido and Shinto Muso Ryu(sword and staff.)


    All instructors are registered with the Yoshinkan Aikido headquarters in Tokyo and are Australian certified with the Martial Arts Industry Association. This includes background checks and working with children certification.


    The establishment firmly believes in establishing solid ties within, and contribution to the community. It runs an afternoon Aikido program dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for kids to better themselves and grow as individuals.


    The Aiki Kids program emphasises cooperation, discipline, focus and concentration. The techniques taught are simplified and made appropriate for younger people to begin their aikido training. Each class is fast paced but repeats the same basic elements in different ways, in order to repeatedly practise of basics but without the boredom.


    The Aiki Kids program is open to children aged 5 and above. Throughout the years, there have been several students who have made their journey from Aiki Kids to the regular adult classes! There are several families training in the dojo! Children truly enjoy practicing martial arts with their parents!


    What are you waiting for? Contact AYNSW for more details and to arrange a free trial session!

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