5 Things to Look for in a Good Play Centre

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: May 14, 2018

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    Play centres are always the best answer to adding adventure on a normally ordinary day. Especially during a hot or rainy day! Your kids—toddlers or pre-schoolers—could still enjoy the day without you having to stress on them getting the house messier. It is already a good idea for the children to do varied activities that will help their motor skills to develop. Aside from this, parks and playgrounds are good places to stir their socialization skills. For the toddlers, this will help them prepare for school and for the quite older kids, this will be a practice for when they are not in school. Indoor playgrounds become a safe space not only for kids, but also for parents who may do a little socialization while waiting on their kids.

    Thankfully, there are now many play centres available near you for any day adventure. For some of the parents, this is already their go-to place; but for the first-time moms, dads, or guardians, what can you really expect in a play centre? Let this blog enlighten you on the different things that you may consider before going to the indoor playground near you.


    1. Dedicated Play Areas

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    Modern play areas now have varied sections or zones that are dedicated for the different age groups in between 0 to 11 years. There are soft play areas for babies and toddlers aged five and under. As for the older kids, there are bigger slides, bike ramps, inflatables, trampoline parks, and climbing structures of up to 3 storeys!

    This is such a good consideration because you would not want your toddler to be competing against an 8-year old in a slide, right? Some of the playhouses have divided spots that have variety of play for the kids. These capture the imagination of the children and encourage possible interaction with the other kids their age. The different equipment should also have many things for kids of all ages to have fun that can last the duration of their stay.

    If you’re in Adelaide, consider Crocs Playcentre in Adelaide and Junglemania if you’re in Melbourne.

    2.  Special Facilities

    Depending on the different needs of your kid, you would want a place that can cater them, no matter what that may be. You are bound to use them so make sure the toilets are well maintained, easy to reach and one with actual kid-size toilets.  A great play centre would also have separate nappy changing areas and feeding areas for babies. Chipmunks Playland have wheelchair access and baby-change facilities, which is great. What’s more amazing in this place is that they have five different locations that you can choose from—Lawton and Underwood in Brisbane, Dandenong and Caroline Springs in Melbourne, and Sydney.

    3. Parking Spaces

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    This is every parent’s must have. A play centre with an onsite car park and available parking is mightily important. You would not want to be walking far from your car when you are shepherding kids, possibly with a pram at hand, especially in terrible weather. This also ensures the family’s safety in unloading and loading the kids into the car. Parking spaces would definitely save the guardian’s time in thinking of and looking for a place where to park, this is one stress less off the mind of the kids’ guardian. Playgrounds like Jump n’ Jiggle have this facility. Visit them in their Melbourne branch.

    4. Café and Lounge for Parents and Guardians

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    Coffee is a lifeline for some parents. Some couldn’t even start a day without it. That’s why it is such good news that these indoor play grounds have cafés in them where either moms or dads or any guardian for that matter can lounge and socialize with other guardians. A comfortable space and a seat to lay your cushy self is key to being a good play centre for you. Not only that, there should be lots of vantage points for you to keep an eye on the kids without obstruction from other parents also watching.

    Kid Factory Play Centre and Café in Melbourne has that very advantage. Xanadu Indoor Playcentre and Café has available lounge as well. Xanadu also takes pride in the fact that proceeds from the playland goes to charity.

    5. Kid Security

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    If there’s one thing that’s supposed to be more important than the kids’ enjoyment, it would be their safety. Aside from their safety while at play, they should be safe while in the premises even up the point when they are about to leave the area. Lollipops Playland is a good example of an indoor play centre that puts premium in the children’s safety, aside from enjoyment. They have a unique matching-wristband security system. Each guardian and child has a wristband that matches to ensure that every child leaves the premises with the right adult. Visit the branch nearest you, Bundoora, Forest Hill, Croydon, and Fountain Gate in Melbourne.

    There are many other factors that can help you decide which play centre is right for you such as the distance from your house, the pricing admission but you deserve a play centre that has the right facilities for you. The play centre is like your second home because hopefully this would be a regular visit for the kids to get out of the house and meet other children.

    After all, you are choosing to send your kid to play at the play centre for two main reasons: their enjoyment and your comfort. 

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