The 5 Indoor Sports for the Rainy Season

By Hart

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    It’s raining, it’s pouring; don’t let your kids stop playing. With the start of the rainy season the country is now experiencing heavy rain flow and floods, which means occasional cancellation of outdoor sports events. When the forecast is grim, make sure that your kids are still healthy and active.

    After all, playing sports is one of the most important part of a child’s well-being and learning. Do not let the gloom stop your games and have your kids try these top indoor sports for the rainy season.



    Although we swim outside, swimming is mostly done in a sports complex. This sport involves cardiovascular activity that can help improve our heart and lungs performance. Because of the movements involved in the different swim strokes, swimming also increases one’s strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. By having our kids learn the sport, we equip them with survival skills that can increase safety in water situations, preventing them from drowning.


    basketball kids indoor rainy season ball

    Basketball is arguably the most famous sport in the country. Learning basketball improves gross motor skills by their use of the major muscle groups. Learning the basics of dribbling, shooting, catching and pivoting with the ball can improve their flexibility and endurance. Having good eye and hand coordination is also key to playing the sport. The game not only encourages exercise – it also serves as a way to bond among friends and members of the family (since Filipinos are known to be basketball fanatics), as well as serving as a good foundation for staying active in life.


    Playing volleyball improves both mental and physical health. It provides players both big and small with energy and positive emotion while encouraging kids to be more social. It develops a person’s confidence and allows players to improve their sense of teamwork and goal-setting skills. From knowing when to take your hit or when to pass it to your teammate, to knowing how hard to hit the ball or when chase it, the sport teaches us the value of making right decisions too.


    badminton kids indoor rainy

    Children can play badminton as an easy and accessible sport, yet they could also benefit from it because of the added help in developing their mental and physical prowess. Because the sport requires you to move constantly, playing helps in creating better balance and coordination. Playing badminton usually involves just two players, but playing doubles with a friend helps in improving one’s communication skills during pressure-packed situations. Playing the sport also reminds us to always be alert of our surroundings and to make the best decisions with what we have.


    gymnastics kids indoor rainy season

    Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive sports in the world. It involves a full body workout – strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, power and great discipline are all required. A young gymnast that can accomplish multiple routines would be able to build his or her range of motor and coordination skills. The challenging and sometimes dangerous nature of the sport requires a person’s utmost commitment and concentration. If your child decides to go all in for this sport, working with a coach and you as a parent will teach him or her the value of hard work and delayed gratification.


    Allowing our kids to play indoor sports will not only keep them preoccupied; it will also gives them a chance to learn and improve outside of the four corners of their classrooms. With these sports, rain or shine, the games and fun will go on!


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