5 Things You've Missed From Spider-Man: Into The Universe Trailer

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: October 3, 2018

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    There’s much to digest in the second trailer of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. From cameo appearances of Spider-Man characters and easter eggs that allude to the previous Spider flicks, read below for our breakdown of what is revealed. Some spoilers ahead.

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    1. Aunt May

    It’s great to see what looks like Aunt May at the back and clearly she knows Peter Parker’s other secret alias. Judging that she is present in what appears to be a Spider Cave Lair, she could be the Alfred Pennyworth to this Spider-Man. 

    2. Aaron Davis, Prowler

    Miles’ uncle, Aaron Davis, is integral to this Spider-Man’s story. As the Prowler, he’s a thief and he stole a genetically-enhanced spider by Norman Osborne which bit Miles in his apartment. Unlike Uncle Ben, Aaron was a bad influence on his nephew and even became one of Miles’ greatest foes. We will surely get to see them fight in the film. 

    3. Green Goblin

    Norman Osborne, the guy responsible for creating the spider that made Miles Morales a webslinger, is also the Green Goblin. But he looks far different from what we saw in the Toby Maguire films. 

    Yep, he’s got wings, like a dragon even. He’s inspired by the Ultimate version that was depicted differently in previous films. Our bet is that we’re looking at the Norman Osborn ‘Green Goblin’ and not his son, Harry

    4. Toby Maguire Films are Canon

    It seems as though the events that happened in the Toby Maguire films have also happened to this version of Peter Parker in Into the Spider-Verse. Does that mean this Spider-Man is an older Toby?

    Train scene from the fight with Doctor Octopus.

    Famous upside down kiss from the first movie. 

    The restaurant/car scene from Spider-Man 2

    The question is, is Mary Jane still alive in Peter’s timeline?

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    4. Other Spider-Man Villains

    It looks like Kingpin is the one that caused the different dimensions to collide when he built the super-collider.

    Tombstone (left) and Scorpion (right) team up in Miles’ apartment to take out the spider gang. Perhaps, they were hired by the Kingpin. 

    This Black Panther lookalike is most likely Prowler, Miles’ uncle. It could take place after learning that it was his nephew that got bitten by the radioactive spider he stole. 

    5. Funny Meta Joke

    This kid, who is probably Miles’ roommate Judge, is reading a Spider-Man comic about ‘What If’ there were other spider-men. A perfect set up for the joke to come next. 

    Have you seen the first trailer? Watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Trailer.

    But you can watch the most recent one below:

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