25 Creative DIY Indoor Activities Your Little Ones Will Love


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    Whenever school is out or when holidays are coming up, it can be hard to keep your children entertained.

    The truth is, even if we have a few trips planned out, the little ones are still extremely likely to get bored whenever they don’t have anything to do!

    After realizing this, we’ve compiled some of the internet’s best DIY boredom busters! These ideas are not just fun for the little ones but should be easy on the nerves of parents like us, as well as our stuff at home.

    Check out the list below.

    1. Indoor Camping

    This activity is particularly easy. All you need to do is set up a tent in the living room or basement of your house. You’ll be able to bond with your little ones and create some fantastic memories. A fake campfire and some indoor smores will make things extra special.

    1. Indoor climbing space

    This activity is perfect for children with plenty of energy. All you need is to turn a room into an indoor gym with a rock-climbing wall. Make sure that a bed is under the wall, so that if they fall, it won’t hurt!

    Click here for a tutorial.

    1. Cardboard box colouring

    This activity is fantastic for smaller children. At one point in time, the little ones will want to write and draw on walls. In order to help prevent that, why don’t we give them a space to do just that? All we need to do is place the children inside their own boxes and give them crayons. This will allow them to colour to their hearts’ content.  

    1. “Drive-In” Movie

    This activity can make movie time a little more special for the little ones. All you need to do is turn a cardboard box into a car and allow the children to sit in them while they watch a movie.

    1.  Cotton Ball Painting

    This idea makes painting easier for both kids and parents. All you need to do is attach balls of cotton to clothespins. After dipping the cotton balls in various colours of paint, your children will be able to use them to create various images and express their imagination. It won’t be difficult to clean up afterwards, since you’ll only have to throw the cotton balls away.

    Click here for a tutorial.

    1. Ball pit and slide

    This activity is incredibly fun for the little ones. You can either use an inflatable ball pit or an inflatable pool. All you need to do is fill it with balls and add a kid-sized slide. Your children will love climbing up and going down the slide. It’ll keep them entertained for hours!

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    1. Pom pom sorting

    This relaxing math activity will help your child develop motor skills. All you need are pom poms and cups of various colours. Have your child use a clothespin to move pom poms to a cup that matches the color of the little ball.

    Click here for a tutorial.

    1. Racing pom pom balls

    This game is great to bring out the competitive nature of your children. Create a track on the floor using tape. They can use straws to blow pom pom balls around the track. Make them compete on who can do it the fastest.

    1. Target Golf

    A cardboard box, a pen, and a few toy golf balls and clubs are all you need for this fun game. Take the cardboard box and create several holes. Place numbers over each hole. Have your children hit golf balls into one of the holes. The participants get points based on the number above the hole. Whoever scores the most wins.

    10. Indoor swing and crash pad

    The boys will love this one. We all know that kids can be downright destructive sometimes, but this activity lets them hang form the ceiling and crash without hurting themselves or wrecking the house.

    Here’s a tutorial.

    11. Pool Noodle Playhouse

    This is a perfect idea when pool noodles are on sale! You can use pool noodles and bed sheets to create an awesome playhouse! It’s easy to make, it’s fun for the little ones, and it’ll let parents have some peace.

    Click here for a tutorial.

    12. Pillow sumo

    This activity might not be a good idea for children who don’t already know their limits. While having pillows inside their shirts means it’s a bit safer for the little ones to ram into each other, accidents can still happen.  

    Here’s a tutorial for this activity.

    13. Paper plate games

    This inexpensive trick is a fantastic way to give an interesting twist to games like tic-tac-toe or checkers. This basically brings basic games to life. You’ll just need to outline the board with tape and make pieces using paper plates.

    Click here for a tutorial on this activity, and other suggestions.

    14. Balloon stamp painting

    This idea adds a twist to normal painting activities. All you need are balloons and paint. Your little ones will be able to express their imagination by creating intricate designs using balloons as stamps.

    15. Paper airplanes

    It can be difficult to create the perfect airplane. This is an activity that all children can enjoy. Make things a little more interesting by having children see which planes can fly farther. They can even try to make the planes fly through certain obstacles (cardboard pieces with holes for example.)

    Click here for a tutorial.

    16. Balloon tennis

    This game is incredibly fun and easy to prepare. A fly swatter and a few balloons are all you need. The idea is to use the fly swatter to keep the balloons from hitting the floor. Make sure to supervise the children as they play this game. You don’t want anyone flipping over furniture as they try to catch a balloon.

    Click here for a tutorial.

    17. Tissue transfer art

    Bleeding art tissue (or coloured tissue paper) and a canvas are all you need for this fantastic art project. Have your child cut the tissue into various shapes. Use a spray bottle to get the canvas wet. Attach the tissue onto the canvas, before spraying them with a bit more water. The colours will bleed from the paper and onto the canvas, creating a pretty watercolour effect.

    Click here for more info on this activity.

    18. Tin can bowling

    Paint some old tin cans, grab a ball and you’re ready to go! This is a fantastic way for your child to have their own game in the comfort of their own home!

    Click here for more info on this activity, and other tin can-related activities.

    19. Kid-made instruments

    Creating their own instruments will help the little ones add an even more personal touch as they express themselves through music.

    Click here for a tutorial on how to create a drum set and kazoo.

    20. DIY moon sand

    It’s natural for children to love hands-on activities. Getting their hands dirty can help them better understand and learn. Moon sand will give them that experience but is still easy to clean up!

    Here’s a tutorial on how to create moon sand and suggestions on what you and your children can do with it.

    21. DIY play dough

    Every child loves building things with play dough. It’s not very expensive, but unless you buy a lot of them, your children won’t have much to work with. It’s a good thing that someone has shared how we can make our own natural play dough.

    Click here to find out how!

    22. DIY laser maze

    This activity can be fun for any child, teenager, or maybe even some adults! All you need to do is create a maze in your hallway using crepe paper. Make sure that the obstacles are challenging for your children to go over and under!

    Click here for more info on this activity.

    23. Ball toss

    Place numerous bins in front of each other. The idea of the game is to rack up as much points as possible by shooting balls into the bins. Participants get more points the farther away the bin is.

    24. Marble run

    This activity can be incredibly fun! Use a basic cardboard box and make a few obstacles that a marble would have to go through! Afterwards, place a marble on the box and allow it to run down! This can keep your children entertained for hours!

    25. Ring toss

    Ring toss is a classic game that everyone loves! And who says your children can’t experience it at home? All you need are paper plates and an old paper towel tube! Cut out the centre of the paper plates and use them as the rings! You can choose to paint the rings and the tube to make them look prettier!

    Well, that’s it for our list!

    If you know of a few fun activities that we failed to include in our list, we’d love to hear from you about them!

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