20 Filipina Mom Blogger You Need to Follow

By ivan matsumoto

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    When it comes to raising your kids in the Philippines, moms need all the help they can get, filipina Mom blogger offer motherly wisdom from suggesting products to use, sharing recipes and giving general mothorhood advice. 

    If you want a window into their lives, following them on Instagram is a good place to start and we list below 20 wonderful Filipina mommy bloggers that are worth checking out. 

    1. @pattylaurel


    patty laurel| pattylaurel |

    About the mom:

    Patty (short for Patricia) is picks out the best family friendly places to go to and things to have as a mother and for your child. Having travelled to 35 countries, she is convinced that the Philippines is still the best place and she can recommend how to make the most of the local offerings. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + Travel tips

    + Lifestyle inspiration

    + Product recommendation


    2. @andimanzano

    andi manzano| andimanzano | IG Blogger | Mom Blogger

    About the mom:

    Andi is a Filipino radio jockey, television host and actress. Check out her youtube channel to watch her vlogs about her daily life and mommy diaries. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + fun and entertaining vlogs of her daily mom life

    + tutorial videos, eg kid hair & make-up

    + travel vlogs around the Philippines


    3. @gojackiego

    jackie Go | gojackiego | www.gojackiego.com

    About the mum:

    Jackie is a young mom & homemaker who loves sharing her fav 5 favorties: food, family, fashion, fitness and fun!

    Reasons to follow:

    + Best places to eat in Manila

    + Health and fitness advice

    + Style & beauty tips


    4. @askmewhats

    Nikki Tiu | askmewhats | Makeup Vlogger | www.askmewhats.com

    About the mum:

    Nikki is a Beauty & Lifestyle blogger. She loves answering questions about what makeup to use, so ask away!

    Reasons to follow:

    + Makeup tips 

    + Beauty product recommendation

    + Get updated on future workshops


    5. @iamsuperbianca

    Bianca Gonzales Intal | Bianca Gonzales | iamsuperbianca | JC Intal wife | Filipina Host | Filipina Celebrity | Filipina Writer

    About the mum:

    Bianca is indeed a super mom when it comes to her busy life as a Filipina host, writer, advocate and vlogger.  She loves connecting with her followers to answer questions about motherhood.

    Reasons to follow:

    + Creates video content about parenting topics




    6. @mommamanila

    Michelle Aventajado | mommanmanila | Mom Advocate

    About the mum:

    Michelle’s instagram has lots of inspiring photos of the delicious food that she prepares and the lovely posts of her family with 4 kids. She is also a strong advocate for Down’s Syndrome and kids with special needs. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + Shares quick and easy recipes for the family

    + Reviews kid friendly places

    + Promotes family events and gatherings


    7. @thespoiledmummy

    thespoiledmummy | The Spoiled Mummy | Traveler | TastebyGraceHome | Grace Home Manila

    About the mum:

    Grace certainly has an interesting life that we find ourselves becoming a fan. She’s a world traveller and a mum of 3, check out where she recommends where to go and eat. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + Beautiful travel and food shots

    + Well written reviews of restaurants and cities around the world

    + inspiring articles of inspiring women


    8. @janicecvillanueva

    Janice Villanueva | Mommy Mundo | mommymundo | mompreneurph | creativejuiceph | mompowerment

    About the mum:

    Janice is the founder of mommymundo.com. She promotes expos and events for moms and currently trends the hashtag #mompowerment.

    Reasons to follow:

    + discounts and promos moms would love

    + healthy diet living

    + what are the must have products?



    9.  @artsyava

    artsyava | Ava Nicole Te-Zabat | AFAcreates | ArtsyAvaAdventure |

    About the mum:

    Ava’s creative and artsy lifestyle blog offers a fun perspective about her food and travel adventures. She has such a unique, playful style that is truly defined as her own.

    Reasons to follow:

    + cute artsy photos

    + kid at heart

    + big fan of asian art and pop culture


    10. @themachomom

    themachomom | Kaycee Enerva | Kikasikat | Beauty Content Creator | kikaysikat.com

    About the mum:

    Kaycee wanted to inspire people to be strong and beautiful and thus her alias ‘The Macho Mum’ was born. She continues to promote an active lifestyle with her audience and educates healthy eating habits. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + food and fitness lover

    + reviews on products without any bias

    + blogs on makeup and skincare


    11. @iyavillania

    Iya Villania - Arrelano | Iya Villania | wearvamos.com | www.wearvamos.com | Filipino Host | Filipino Celebrity | Kapuso Artist

    About the mum:

    A well known & beloved actress, TV host and mother. Her Instagram posts are mostly of her lovely family, especially her son. Check out her profile if too want to follow this celeb momma. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + loves fitness, gym and running 

    + shared experience raising a son

    + promotes food and events to check out


    12. @sarahlahbati

    About the mum:

    A stunning filipina mom blogger with a gorgeous family. Sarah shares her journey through motherhood. From pre-pregnancy to post, she guides them through the process. Follow her if you too want to follow her on heradventure of parenting. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + advice on giving birth to parenting

    + beauty tips and product recommendations

    + family adventures around the world


    13. @ricaperalejo

    About the mum:

    Rica ha a love of books. She sees people are like books and that each of us are going through their owns story. Through her social media platform, she offers and openly shares herlife, particularly about her love for her family and her faith.

    Reasons to follow:

    + religious perspective

    + recommendations for the family

    + lifestyle advice


    14. @mama_the_explorer

    About the mum:

    Paula sees motherhood as an exciting challenge.  She loves to explore the ups and downs of life and 

    Reasons to follow:

    + vegetarian recipes

    + DIY projects

    + home tips


    15.  @mommylevym

    About the mum:

    Levy is a mom blogger who writes about what Manila has to offer for kids and families to visit. Check out where best to go!

    Reasons to follow:

    + events to check out

    + cool finds in manila

    + family travels 


    16. @momondutyblog

    About the mum:

    Mom from Rizal, Kim shares a lot of her mom hacks with her readers – cos let’s face it, we could all do with a little help. Plus, she writes reviews about places to travel with the family all over the Philippines

    Reasons to follow:

    +Home favorite recipes

    + Health & Welnessa advice

    + Safety & Security tips


    17. @manilamommy

    About the mum:

    Proud moma of a child with down syndrome. Her mission is to share her musings on parenthood and her super easy recipes for  kids,

    Reasons to follow:

    + super easy recipes

    + parenting  tips for children with special needs

    + freebies and giveaways


    18. @mommypehpot

    About the mum:

    Filipina Mom blogger, Pehpot, writes to inform her readers about her experience with parenthood. Having raised 2 teens, a preschooler and a baby on the way, she is like a walking encyclopedia on raising kids. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + DIY and decorating ideas

    + beauty and personal care

    + recommendations for places to check out


    19. @mommypracticality

    About the mum:

    How Louise likes to live her life is to get the most of what we spend. Living practical doesn’t mean living frugal but with her tips she certainly gives great spending advice to maximise enjoyment with the family. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + Things you wish you had learned before #lifehacks

    + Ideas for better family bonding at home

    + How to budget and have fun

    20. @nikkimbento

    About the mum:

    This millenial filipina mom blogger, Nikki, tackles the roller coaster ride of adulting and we love her sarcastic views on the subject of motherhood. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + Punny humour

    + Unique, playful, fun product recommendation

    + Love for anything cute



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