10 Australian Mummy Bloggers You Need to Follow in 2018

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: April 9, 2018

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    Mum influencers are a source of inspiration for other mums and would-be mums. Some offer motherly wisdom, some inspire, and some have witty words about the subject of motherhood.

    A reason to follow Australian mum bloggers on Instagram is because their profiles provide a window to their lives, and if you love their content, you can check out their blogs and websites to discover food recipes, life hacks, or read about their life story.

    Check out any or all of the wonderful 10 Australian mummy bloggers below, and be sure to follow them.

    1. @organised_house

    australian mum influencers 2018

    About the mum:

    Kat’s resourceful tips on natural cleaning products is needed in every household. You’d want to make your household safe and happy without the added toxicity. Being a mum of 3 has given her life skills in keeping the household organised.

    Reasons to follow:

    + DIY natural cleaning products

    + easy recipes

    + loves essential oils


    2. @schoolmumpics

    About the mum:

    With an army of school mums by your side, you have access to thousands of kid-experts to guide you through the process of being a school mum.  ‘Embrace the crazy’ is their motto and indeed you will need all the tips you can get. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + school help and tips

    + nutrious school recipes

    + ideas for activities


    3. @sophiecachia

    About the mum:

    Sophie is a successful business owner who has launched a clothing brand of her own called Cachia (pronouncued ‘kay-sha’). Check out how you can be a cachia lover.

    Reasons to follow:

    + mum and kids shop

    + clothing gifts

    + stylish looks


    4. @becdouros

    About the mum:

    Building a family and building a home can be challenging. Bec is here to show you how it can be done with her tips on interior design for the home and your nursery.

    Reasons to follow:

    + family interior design ideas

    + home furniture shop

    + baby nursery inspiration


    5. @fatmumslim

    About the mum:

    Chantelle first started off as a Social Media Editor which grew on to writing about her own life. Now turning her witty content writing skills into  a self-made brand she hopes to inspire others through her love of photography and blogwriting. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + photo a day challenge

    + inspiring travel pics

    + sweet and savoury food recipes


    6. @julessebastian

    About the mum:

    Television presenter, Jules, offers stylish insight into the world of fashion and beauty. Check her out on her YouTube channel, Tea with Jules, for interviews with the key people to follow. So, if you’re a mum in fashion she’s a key person of interest. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + stylish youtuber ‘Tea with Jules’ series

    +glamorous fashion inspiration

    + founder of Sebastian Foundation, supporting families with a history of illnesses and domestic violence


    7. @houseofwhite_

    About the mum

    Olivia’s perspective of motherhood has enabled her to write her own witty remarks about the subject that has made a profound impact on mothers everywhere. Now a guest host on Mummy Time TV, she’s a personality you wouldn’t want to miss. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + life hacks

    + witty quotes and memes

    + funny In The House podcast


    8. @ohsobusymum

    About the mum:

    Cheree is an oh so busy mum that (lucky for us) has the time to share a slice of her time as a mother through her wonderful blog and social media. Follow their wonderful adventures around the world and get inspiration for lunch box ideas. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + family travel inspiration

    + lunch box recipes

    + hectic mum life to four girls


    9. @_laurenkate

    About the mum:

    A truly inspirational follow. Single mother, Lauren advocates for other mums with mental illnesses. She shows that life is mad and life is joy all thanks to her two children. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + public speaker warrior against mental illness

    + health & fitness advice

    + simple family recipes


    10. @bybrittanynoonan

    About the mum

    Brittany is on a mission, and that is to help others find balance and happiness. Through her story she offers advice on health and fitness and finding the balance between being a worker, a mother and yourself. 

    Reasons to follow:

    + Mum fitness tips

    + pregnancy stories & mum words of wisdom


    Inspiration can take many forms and we hope you find a mum influencer that resonates with you. Don’t forget to share this content and if you want up to date blog content like this, subscribe to Fun Kids Guide’s monthly newsletter. 

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