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    Sydney Self Defence Centre

    Category: Classes and Martial Arts

    Originating from China around 900 years ago, Yiquan is based on one of the oldest of the Internal or Soft Martial Arts. The only internal art proven on the battlefield.. Based on the movements of weaponry, the strategies and techniques are designed to subdue opponents in the shortest possible time. Yiquan is practical efficiency in motion. MARTIAL ARTS HQ SELF ESTEEM THROUGH SELF DEFENCE At the Martial Arts HQ in Sydenham you can expect to be trained in the best Self Defence strategies and tactics of Yi Quan Kung Fu. We offer a range of classes for all ages and levels including demonstration and competitive Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Jujitsu and Grappling. Become healthier, more relaxed and energised with our Qi Gong for Life and Yoga classes or take advantage of our in house Traditional Chinese Medicine services with accredited practitioner Victoria Bennett. PROGRAMS & WORKSHOPS STAY SAFE Programs The Sydney Self Defence Centre is a provider of STAY SAFE Personal Safety and Self Defence Programs for both adults and children in Community Centers, Non-Profit Organisations, Schools, Colleges, Corporate and Councils in New South Wales and Interstate. We provide STAY SAFE workshops for any ‘At Risk’ Group within our community. We are not about violence, we abhor violence, our aim is to arm the community with all the information required to Stop People from Hurting Us. STAY SAFE Personal Safety and Self Defence workshops teach empowerment, effective decision making, predator/prey relationships, relationship dangers, conflict resolution, exit strategies, body language and physical self defence as a last resort. Programs can also include coping techniques, relaxation, effective communication, teamwork and fear management. The principle outcomes of the personal safety sessions is that your community members or employees feel more positive about what they ‘can do’. Gaining appropriate and empowering verbal and physical skills to respond positively to potentially violent and dangerous situations. The skills gained reduce the possibility of a member either passively accepting or conversely reacting in an overly negative violent manner to threatening or intimidating behavior. Last year we taught effective self-defence skills to 20 – 25,000 clients at other locations outside our Academy. The STAY SAFE Personal Safety and Self Defence workshops are designed to target the specific dangers the group may face. So please do get in touch to discuss your needs and what risks you, your community or your workplace may be facing.

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    Croydon Art Studio

    Category: Classes and Art

    Croydon Art Studio since 1998​ Highly experienced artists provide art lessons for kids, teenagers, HSC students to adults. We are highly perceptive of the individual needs of students, and flexible enough to provide clear instructions that will motivate and encourage the students.​ Kinder to Year 6 art classes Year 7 to Year10 art classes Year 11 to Year 12 (HSC) art classes Art for Beginners Adults art classes

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    Sky High Indoor Trampoline

    Category: Indoor and Trampoline Parks

    Come down to Sky High Indoor Trampoline Park, enjoy our great facility, with a Huge Foam Pit with Rock Climbing, Main Trampoline Zone which includes a Basketball Zone and Soft Box Wall. We have an awesome NINJA Warrior Course that caters to all levels. We also have a Tiny Tots area for the little ones. We have a huge mezzanine Level that allows a total view of the whole centre. Also in the same complex is AAPES Parkour Centre, Australia largest indoor Parkour and Free Running Centre! Come and Enjoy our service and great prices starting at $12 per hour!   Come and see what everyone is talking about ! Centrally located in Southwest Sydney in Bankstown, our modern, state of the art facilities suit all ages and trampolining skill levels. Little kids will have a great time on the smaller trampolines and foam pit. While the older children and teens have the whole park as their playground. Parents and other adults are welcome on the trampolines of course. If you prefer to watch, there is a raised viewing platform and cafe for you to relax away from the trampolines, while still taking in the excitement.

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    Bluebell Music

    Category: Classes and Music

    Bluebell Music is passionate about providing fun and meaningful musical experiences for children. Mums and Bubs Program Classes are for children aged between 3 months and 4 years. During each class we focus on developing a love of music achieved through a selection of familiar songs and music activities, presented in an enjoyable and informal class setting. Our experienced and energetic teachers create a caring environment in which children can begin their musical journey. Children, along with their parents or carer, will discover the key concepts of music through listening, singing, moving and improvisation. We understand that not everyone can commit to the full term, so we are more than happy to accommodate casual attendance. For the maximum benefit for your child, we encourage regular attendance. Familiarity will help build your child’s confidence, enjoyment and level of interaction in the classes. Pre-Instrumental Program The Bluebell Music Pre-Instrumental Program has been developed to teach children the key musical skills required when learning a solo instrument. Research shows that multi-modal learning through musical games and movement activities is essential for the development of children’s coordination and creativity. Playing on Glockenspiels and various percussion instruments gives children excellent ear and eye preparation for Keyboard, Violin etc, without prematurely putting pressure on separating immature fingers or the need to practice every day. Children will then progress to a solo instrument when they are developmentally ready ensuring an enjoyable and positive learning experience.  During the classes, children will develop their Musical skills by exploring Pitch, Beat, Form and Tempo. Children will learn to develop their listening skills and  Signing voices through pitch exploration activities, vocal improvisation and a  variety of repertoire. Children will also participate in musical activities in Movement Exploration, ensemble playing and will learn to play variety of tuned and non-tuned percussion instruments. The classes are formally structured and follow our curriculum. All lessons are presented in a relaxed and enjoyable class setting to enable the children to feel confident and and happy in their music making.   The Pre-Instrumenal Program is for chilren Age 3 – 8. Classes are more formally structured and focus on developing the Concepts of Music in preperation to join the instrumental program. Class sizes are limited to 10 students.  Level 1 – Age 3 Years  Level 2 – Age 4 Years Level 3 – Kindergarten  Level 4 – Year 1 / Year 2+ – Violin/ Keybord Class 

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    Casa Ristorante Italiano

    Category: Dining

    Located on Sydney’s iconic waterfront at King Street Wharf, Casa Ristorante Italiano is a hive of activity all year round. Inspired by the artistic and historic city of Naples, Casa’s large open terrace is an eclectic mix of the cobbled streets of Napoli and the sleek modern architecture of Sydney city. Casa’s extensive menu is a delicious fusion of contemporary and traditional dishes inspired by seasonality. Enjoy dining alfresco across our communal tables or more intimatley in our booths – all centred around our traditional Wood-fire pizza oven, serving the most authentic Italian pizza’s on the harbour. Alternatively, relax at our Island bar elegantly positioned as a divide between our terrace and indoor dining spaces. The Island bar is the perfect backdrop for enjoying a drink from our artisan cocktail menu or extensive wine list.

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    Blackbird Cafe

    Category: Restaurants, Dining, and Sweets

    Blackbird is Darling Harbour’s most iconic eatery celebrating the greatest in Australian fare. Located on the trendy Cockle Bay Warf dining precinct, enjoy our robust menu available Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Or take a seat at the bar with our in-house mixologist – serving the best cocktails on Darling Harbour! SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROMO Blackbird Cafe offer daily free face painting and fairy floss from 12pm-4pm during the school holidays. Kids meals are $15 which includes: Chicken schnitzel and Chips, Fish and Chips. Crumbed calamari and Chips, Spaghetti Bolognese, Margarita Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza. Also includes ice cream for dessert.

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    9 Degrees Boulder Gym Parramatta

    WHO IS IT FOR?     Everyone! If you have never rock climbed before, drop by and get started! You don’t need any equipment, training courses or even a climbing partner. Lots of fun easy climbs to explore; we have 140 climbs in 9 degrees of difficulty from entry level to competition levels.  Please note bouldering is an activity for teens and above (minimum age 12 years old).

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    Blak Markets

    BLAK MARKETS WILL BE ON SUNDAY MARCH 11 AT THE NATIONAL CENTER OF INDIGENOUS EXCELLENCE REDFERN. The Blak Markets is a great chance to buy art and products directly from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who made them in the knowledge that the profit goes back to Indigenous communities.   The Blak Markets event will feature Aboriginal arts, craft, performances and foods from local stallholders.   The day will begin with a welcome to country followed by live music, dance performances, workshops and will feature a new art exhibition “Sport as Art”.     Program Weaving Workshop – all day   09.30am Gates Open   10:30 Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony   11:00 Traditional Dance Ceremony by Urban Zenadth Kes     11:30 Singing Performance by Radical Son   12:00 Panel Discussion – About Art   1:00 Traditional dance by Urban Zenadth Kes    1:30 Singing Performance by Radical Son   2:00 Cooking Demo with Jody Orcher   2:00 Tucky Cooley Healing Ceremony   3:00 Open Mic Session   4:00  Gates close     CHECK OUT OUR FACEBOOK EVENT FOR MORE INFORMATION: https://www.facebook.com/events/350290415451717/     LOCATION NATIONAL CENTRE OF INDIGENOUS EXCELLENCE    

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    iFLY Downunder

    Ever wanted to be a superhero? Whether you’re 3 or 103, iFLY Indoor Skydiving is not just a thrill ride but the latest in action sports. Indoor skydiving will make you feel like a real life, crime-fighting hero; you simply lean into the wind inside our giant glass tunnel and a column of air lifts you up and you’ll float effortlessly into flight guided by our qualified instructors. From beginner, you’ll soon master the flying skills of expert skydivers in our state-of-the-art, fully-controlled, ultra-safe environment. And the all-round viewing platform lets you share the magic with family and friends, who will gasp as you fly like somebody out of a superhero movie. Experience the rush that makes the sport of indoor skydiving so big around the world. Whether you’re celebrating a special event, planning a corporate day out or looking for a new sport to take up – we’ll help you get up to speed at iFLY! Indoor Skydiving is both an exhilarating experience and a highly addictive sport. It is safe for kids, challenging for adults, exciting for teens and realistic for skydivers. The iFLY Indoor Skydiving Experience   There’s no parachute, no jumping, and nothing attaching you to planet Earth! It’s just you and the air…and an incredible adrenaline rush.

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    The Escape Hunt Sydney

    Category: Indoor and Indoor Gaming

    Calling all family detectives! If you love doing challenging things as a family, solving mysteries and consider yourself a ‘super sleuth’, then The Escape Hunt Experience is just what you’re after! Escape Hunt is Australia’s most original and exhilarating real live interactive escape room experience. Teams of up to five people are locked in a room for 60 minutes and must find clues, crack puzzles and solve the crime before time runs out! It’s non-stop, adrenaline pumping, brain activity at its best! How it works: Your experience starts in one of the themed rooms – all set in a historical Australian context. Your objective is to work as a group to escape the room in 60 minutes! You’ll be working through games, challenges, puzzles and clues that will need your combined skills and quick thinking as a team to solve. This unique experience is great for the whole family to get involved. The game can be played with 2 – 5 people. Kids aged 10 years+ will get the most out of this experience as they will be able to join in and participate in the solving the challenges, but kids 7 plus will also get a kick out of the excitement as parents battle to solve the clues in time. There are multiple rooms to book so you can even go head to head with another family to see who can escape first! The Escape Hunt experience is recommended for 7 years and up and if under 16 must accompanied by an adult. It is also great for Tween and Teen Birthday Parties.   sydney@escapehunt.com