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    The Lost Forests

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      THE LOST FOREST is the most unusual gift shop in Australia! Nowhere else will you find our unique range of soft toys, books, puppets, cards, DVD’s and much, much more. The reasons why The Lost Forests exist are to be found in the pages of the exciting story book called THE LOST FORESTS. It tells how Timothy Barber was given a bag of magical seeds by one of the world’s last flying pigs! Timothy planted the seeds wherever he heard the strange sounds of the Otherworlds drifting up from underneath the ground. Mysterious forests of talking, moving trees sprung up overnight where the seeds were planted, and along with them Trapdoors down to the Otherworlds, the place where creatures of magic and mythology live safe from our world. Timothy visited the Otherworlds by entering through these trapdoors, but in 1932 he disappeared and all the forests and trapdoors vanished with him! In 1987, Timothy’s grandson, Tony the Toy Maker, found a bag of the magic seeds in an old chest in the attic and began “rediscovering” the Lost Forests in the same way that his grandfather had. Every night, Tony opened the trapdoors and visited the Otherworlds to search for his grandfather. During the days, he made toys that looked just like the real creatures he met on his journeys, so that he could earn the money needed to pay the rent on the land where The Lost Forests once existed. Our first physical Lost Forests store in 21 years is now MAGICALLY, SECRETELY OPEN on Level 1 of Melbourne’s District Docklands shopping centre!