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    High Performance Learning Darwin

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    We provide support for you and your family, whenever and wherever you need it! We provide 1-on-1 tutoring online anywhere in Australia to fix educational problems and help people become strong, independent thinkers and learners. Do any of these comments sound familiar? ‘I want my young child to start school feeling relaxed, happy and confident?’ We ensure your child has the language, speech, listening, reading, writing, maths, and learning skills they need to thrive at school. ‘My child is unhappy, angry or withdrawn and doesn’t want to go to school.’ – We fix that! ‘I have tried to fix my child’s speech, listening, reading, spelling, comprehension or maths problems and got nowhere. – We fix that! ‘My child is not keeping up at school, has lost confidence, and is falling further behind each year. – We fix that! ‘Helping my child with homework has become a daily battle. – We fix that! ‘I have tried to get help for my child from various professionals, but no-one has solved the underlying problems. – We fix that! ‘Adults and children in our family have trouble concentrating, calming our minds, sleeping, or managing our stress levels. – We teach practical meditation skills for adults and children as young as four years old. Online Individual Tutoring For All Ages Our two specialist educators, Chris Brooks and Dr Amanda Abbott, help people overcome their educational problems and other learning difficulties so they can supercharge their learning and their lives. Between them, Chris and Amanda have over 60 years of teaching and diagnostic experience, and have produced an extensive range of highly successful and award-winning educational materials including: A computerised, multi-media font that teaches people how to read as they read. Activity-based mathematical programs that teach maths by understanding rather than by rote memory. Many educational games and activities which make the learning more powerful, as well as being more fun. A full early-learning program for children so they can enter school without stress, and excel from day one. A practical, easy-to-implement program of guided meditations which supercharges a person’s learning, and enables them to take more control of their mind and their life. Our mission is to help parents nurture their children so they can become the leaders of tomorrow by providing them with great learning and language skills, a clear purpose, a strong commitment to action, the resilience to handle set-backs, and a strategic approach to lifelong learning.   Contact Us Now Ring now on (08) 8370 0110, or visit our website to apply, for a Free 15 Minute Diagnostic Consultation (Phone or Online) with our Specialist Educators (Chris Brooks and Dr Amanda Abbott) to find out how we can help you and your child. Visit the website   Our Services   We treat Specific Learning and Emotional Difficulties such as Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Concentration Problems, Stress Management, Special Needs, etc. We fix basic educational problems such as Speech, Listening, Reading, Writing, Phonics, Comprehension and Maths. We teach high powered Study and Exam Read more [...]

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    Homefresh Experience Cooking Darwin

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      Looking For Profitable Rewarding Franchise? Homefresh Experience Cooking has 3 entry levels Franchise opportunities available!   1. Hands on Owner Operator 2. Business owner 3. Master Franchisee Homefresh franchise opportunity includes Brand new retail kitchen store, ready to cook Branded car to maximise your local area marketing  All kitchen equipment, appliances, utencils, cleanning products, opening pantry stock  Branded chef’s uniformes for you, your team and your junior chef customers High end european appliance show room is incoporated into your store, hold no stock, receive considerable commission, let your cooking sell appliances on-line Tested business model to help you succeed and have fun   Launched and tested in South Australia Core products  1. High margin kids cooking experiences that book out fast!  2. Pan Ready to cook meals and snacks (chooped diced and spiced ready for the pan, oven or to assemble raw, now set to revolutionise       the “Chef-Curated Recipes & Ingredients delivered to your doorstep market segment 3. In-store chef assisted meals and snacks, customers arrive daily to cook, then only pay for the food, they get the chefs secrets for free   Junior Chef Cooking experiences are fun, entertaining and educational Only charismatic chefs/cooks with great people skills should apply for a cooking franchise    You will be a highly credentialed business person, (when applying for Master Franchises) This is a rare opportunity for you to be rewarded well beyond your expectations Proven business model with well developed systems and support Over the last few years Homefresh Experience Cooking has cooked with over 40,000 kids. Our highly recognised brand and much loved kids cooking programs have been a huge hit.  Help us change the eating habits of a nation If you would love to own your own businesses, work with children and believe that teaching kids to cook nutritious and healthy food from scratch will aid their development, then we’d love to hear from you! What you can expect from your Homefresh Master/Franchise Homefresh offers Master Franchise and Franchise owners multiple benefits including Uncapped earnings potential On-line customer bookings, and leads supplied to help you grow Exclusive selling rights in your territory  A strong brand image with developed and proven marketing systems Website, on-line booking, social media, (blog, and YouTube channel support on the way) New start-up equipment (all you need to start cooking) Branded car (Ford Focus) to help you promote your business and keep your brand top of mind Minimal booking administration with full access to our national Homefresh contact centre and website portal   Use of our highly recognised brand name/systems removing much of the uncertainty of this business Receive commission from recommending our preferred partners appliances/utensils/merchandise A highly rewarding and fun business that will change your life If you believe this opportunity is for you, call us today! Call Stephen Today at 0466158453