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    CTS Tours

    China Travel Service(Australia), know as CTS Australia is totally owned by China Travel Service (Hong Kong) Limited which was initially founded in 1928 in Hong Kong. CTS Australia is now one of the 18 overseas subsidiaries of CTS Travel Group which work together to provide a total service program as specialists to China and most of the Asian destinations. China Travel Service (Holdings) Hong Kong Limited has led CTS group to become one of the largest and fastest growing travel companies, with 42 branches in Hong Kong, 18 in Asia, Europe, Oceania and North America, and hundreds of offices in mainland of China ranking among the world’s biggest travel Agencies. China Travel Service (Holdings) Hong Kong Limited is uniquely positioned as a travel wholesaler and supplier, managing its own premises and facilities; from hotels to bus companies, from cruise to ferries and from theme parks to airline services. This ensures a high standard of service and competitive pricing leading to an excellent reputation for its reliability, efficiency and quality of service. China Travel Service (Australia) specializes in offering comprehensive services not only to Australian Tourists traveling into Hong Kong, Macau and China but also make tailor-made itineraries for hundred of thousands of tourists and businessmen from China into Australia and New Zealand.

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    Blak Markets – La Perouse

    The market also trains and employs Young Aboriginal people in barista, retail, food preparation and supervision who work in the charities pop up coffee, food and retail stores at the markets. We also specialise in developing and implementing educational and community-based programs and services for Indigenous people and are ground-breaking in our hands on approach to closing the gap in aboriginal communities. We take great pride in developing and delivering interesting and engaging, culturally sympathetic and thoroughly researched programs for Indigenous people. We also provide programs that are focused on re-integrating participants back into the broader community in a positive and supportive way. Our programs focus on teaching participants identified skills, which include strategies to encourage participation, engagement and negotiation techniques within school environment and Indigenous communities. We have a strong focus on engaging Indigenous people to create positive role models. Our programs and services are designed to boost self-esteem and self-confidence for parents and their children by enhancing relationship building exercises, based on respect and mutual responsibility. We always work hard to ensure that programs delivered are engaging for parents, children and young people, teachers and students, the elders and community representatives.   Blak Markets at Barangaroo Blak Markets is a thriving social enterprise designed as a business incubator and to show our youth there is a future in culture whilst providing oportunities for visitors to our market to buy ethically knowing profits go back to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Posted by Blak Markets on Monday, August 28, 2017