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    VR Plus

    Category: Indoor and Play Centres

    Melbourne’s Ultimate Virtual Reality Experience VR Plus is Melbourne’s Ultimate Virtual Reality Gaming Experience. We deliver an unforgettable multi-player VR experience in a fun and friendly environment. Our multi-player VR bays allow a maximum of seven people to play games together so you can interact with other people by sharing activities or playing against one another in an exciting animated world. All the playing bays use HTC Vive gear with room-scale technology. Virtual reality is becoming a huge hit not only in Australia but around the globe. The fact that many tech giants are investing in this technology is a clear indicator that this VR craze is here to stay. VR gamers and VR enthusiasts in Melbourne now have the perfect place to enjoy VR experiences – VR Plus. After a long research, the management of VR Plus has decided to choose HTC Vive as their primary VR headset. With the help of this VR headset, visitors can walk around in virtual worlds. Once they put the headset on and equip their arms with the virtual controllers, they will find themselves in a virtual world that promises unforgettable games and experiences. From fighting zombies with machetes and battling space pirates, to destroying rogue robots – the virtual reality experience you’ll get in VR Plus will be remembered for a long time. Of course, you can enjoy other VR experiences that don’t involve violence like virtual tennis, virtual rock climbing that goes up in the sky and even some great escape room kind of puzzles. Be prepared for hours of non-stop fun and entertainment. VR Plus has games suitable for players of all skills. However, if you want to get the most from this unique experience, it is better to start slowly and gradually and move from the easiest game to the most advanced ones. Feel free to ask staff members for recommendations. Keep in mind that this is a brand new technology which means that VR is making progress almost on a daily basis. There are new games that are released from time to time and VR Plus includes the latest games in their offer. In other words, you should visit VR Plus on a regular basis and you can rest assured that you will always get a new exciting experience. Finally, there are some great individual, co-op, and multiplayer games, so select the mode you like the most.

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    High Performance Learning Adelaide

    Category: Classes and Tutor

    We provide support for you and your family, whenever and wherever you need it! We provide 1-on-1 tutoring online anywhere in Australia to fix educational problems and help people become strong, independent thinkers and learners. Do any of these comments sound familiar? ‘I want my young child to start school feeling relaxed, happy and confident?’ We ensure your child has the language, speech, listening, reading, writing, maths, and learning skills they need to thrive at school. ‘My child is unhappy, angry or withdrawn and doesn’t want to go to school.’ – We fix that! ‘I have tried to fix my child’s speech, listening, reading, spelling, comprehension or maths problems and got nowhere. – We fix that! ‘My child is not keeping up at school, has lost confidence, and is falling further behind each year. – We fix that! ‘Helping my child with homework has become a daily battle. – We fix that! ‘I have tried to get help for my child from various professionals, but no-one has solved the underlying problems. – We fix that! ‘Adults and children in our family have trouble concentrating, calming our minds, sleeping, or managing our stress levels. – We teach practical meditation skills for adults and children as young as four years old. Online Individual Tutoring For All Ages Our two specialist educators, Chris Brooks and Dr Amanda Abbott, help people overcome their educational problems and other learning difficulties so they can supercharge their learning and their lives. Between them, Chris and Amanda have over 60 years of teaching and diagnostic experience, and have produced an extensive range of highly successful and award-winning educational materials including: A computerised, multi-media font that teaches people how to read as they read. Activity-based mathematical programs that teach maths by understanding rather than by rote memory. Many educational games and activities which make the learning more powerful, as well as being more fun. A full early-learning program for children so they can enter school without stress, and excel from day one. A practical, easy-to-implement program of guided meditations which supercharges a person’s learning, and enables them to take more control of their mind and their life. Our mission is to help parents nurture their children so they can become the leaders of tomorrow by providing them with great learning and language skills, a clear purpose, a strong commitment to action, the resilience to handle set-backs, and a strategic approach to lifelong learning.   Contact Us Now Ring now on (08) 8370 0110, or visit our website to apply, for a Free 15 Minute Diagnostic Consultation (Phone or Online) with our Specialist Educators (Chris Brooks and Dr Amanda Abbott) to find out how we can help you and your child. Visit the website   Our Services   We treat Specific Learning and Emotional Difficulties such as Dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder, Concentration Problems, Stress Management, Special Needs, etc. We fix basic educational problems such as Speech, Listening, Reading, Writing, Phonics, Comprehension and Maths. We teach high powered Study and Exam Read more [...]

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    The Escape Hunt Experience Gold Coast

    Category: Indoor and Indoor Gaming

    The Escape Hunt Experience is a fantastic global entertainment franchise offering unique “escape the room” adventures to the public and corporate clients all over the world.  We have more branches around the world than any other company, everywhere from Brussels to Singapore, Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City and we are the acknowledged global leader in this fast growing entertainment industry.  Since opening, we have offered well over 5 million minutes of gameplay worldwide! Gold Coast branch is the first live escape game in Gold Coast and it has entertained many tens of thousands of guests, both young and old, companies and families since opening in 22 December 2014.  The branch has 6 rooms, making it an ideal choice for groups from 2 to over 30 people.

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    Forte School of Music Joondalup

    Category: Classes and Music

    Looking For a Music Lessons For Your Child In Perth?    Immersing babies and young children in a music rich environment of interactive musical activities has been proven to have a positive effect on the intellectual abilities of young children. Best of all it is loads of fun for parent and child!    Jungle Music (for children 6 months to 3.5 years.) is Forte’s award winning early childhood music programme. Parents and children love the Jungle Music programme, the characters, the activities and experiences each week in class. The dynamic and engaging music is just part of what makes Jungle Music so special. You’ll be amazed at how your child will begin to really understand music and respond to music.   Join in the fun of Music is Fun (for children 3.5 to 5 years), our introductory piano course. There’s a whole host of musical activities designed to be fun and develop your child’s musical skills and senses. Your child will even have a chance to compose their own music!   Junior Keys (5 to 7.5 years) is our premier foundation piano course. If your child hasn’t already started in one of our younger programmes there’s no time to waste! In Junior Keys children develop a rich base of important musical skills, a strong platform on which to study any instrument in the future. Your child will develop a set of musical skills essential for any budding musician, including:    Reading – notes and rhythm Aural skills – by ear recognition of notes and phrases. This essential musical skill is often overlooked especially in private lessons where it is difficult to teach on a one to one basis. Music is a aural art and a well trained ear is essential to becoming a competent musician. Keyboard Harmony – your child will learn to play chords that form the underlying basis or harmony of music. Chord playing assist in developing skills such as transposition, composition, improvisation and playing by memory. Pattern recognition – music is built using patterns. Your child is taught to recognise musical patterns and this aids in memorisation.  Transposing – is playing known pieces in other keys or positions on the piano. From the early stages your child will transpose. Playing the music rather than only what is exactly written on the page. We encourage our students to play the music not the just the notes. eg if the piece is jazzy then we play it with the rhythms of the jazzy style. In the beginning this concept is as simple as what we play with the right hand we play with the left hand even though it is not written out! Theory – recognition and writing of musical notes and symbols Click Here to Book Your Free Trial Now!   Call Us Today For Bookings & Enquires! 61 8 9468 3240 

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    Puzzling World

    Welcome to Wanaka’s Wonderful World of Weirdness! Puzzling World is an iconic, world-unique attraction that for over 45 years has been fascinating people of all ages keen to engage in a fun, challenging and sensory experience. Immediately, visitors are met with the famous Tumbling Towers while opposite, The Leaning Tower of Wanaka offers great photo opportunities as friends or family appear to hold, push or rip out the tower, foundations and all! Walking into the Puzzle Centre where dozens of puzzles await the curious while a massive kaleidoscope ceiling looks on from above is a visual treat in itself. Grab a bite to eat or a drink from the well-stocked Café then engage the brain with many individual puzzles and two-person brain teasers on offer. Trained staff are on hand to help if required and with a huge selection for sale in the Gift Shop all ages, abilities and temperament are covered. Even the bathrooms here are photogenic with both the Roman Loos and Puzzle Abyss toilets featuring incredible floor or wall art that seem to absorb the user within its imagery! If your mind is still not boggled, visiting Puzzling World’s Illusion Rooms is sure to. From one of the world’s largest displays of 3-D Hologram photos, a room where 168 famous faces seem to follow you, one where you appear to shrink or grow, another where objects look to glide uphill and a sun-filled gallery of incredible illusionary sculptures, these amazing rooms will certainly challenge your perceptions of reality. Outside, The Great Maze encourages problem solving, exercise and fun. Puzzling World invented this format, designed to suit all ages with over-bridges and underpasses to create the world’s first 3-Dimensional Maze. Don’t worry, Emergency Exits for those with limited time, patience or energy are also included for those who may struggle! With so many incredible things to see and do here we suggest you allow plenty of time to enjoy your unforgettable visit to Puzzling World.

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    Mayhem Creations NZ

    Category: Shops and Shop

    NZ Made Hand Tied Tutus for Kids & Adults Welcome to Mayhem Creations, home of Mariana Martin, Auckland’s top hand tied tutu designer! From tutu skirts for a first birthday party, a maternity tutu for a photo shoot or a child’s tutu dress as a Christmas present, we’re here to help! Only available for purchase through our online tutu shop, all our tutu skirts and dresses are of an exceptional quality and perfect for birthday parties, dress-ups and flower girls, or as a gift for a special party princess.  Buy Hand Made Tutu Skirts, Dresses & Accessories  Every girl at some stage dreams of being a princess. Or a fairy. Or a ballerina. Help bring her dreams to reality by giving her a hand tied children’s tutu from Mayhem Creations! We’re based in Auckland and provide free delivery of our gorgeous tutu dresses, skirts and accessories to non-rural addresses New Zealand wide. Our online tutu store has a large variety of predesigned tutu colour combinations, but we also custom make tutus upon request for no extra charge. If you have an upcoming wedding and need a tutu skirt for your flower girl in just the right colour, we can help. Or if your little princess has a favourite colour combination, we can use it to create a special unique tutu just for her!  Needing Some Tutu Inspiration?  Take a browse through our tutu photo gallery to see examples of tutus we have created and get inspired for your next tutu skirt or dress. With matching accessories including jewellery, cake tutus, hair accessories, table tutus and tutu dress ups, we really are NZ’s favourite tutu designer!

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    Category: Indoor and Play Centres

     Inflate your Fun! Reboundland is a fun packed play centre featuring 15 exhilarating and interactive inflatables suitable for all ages! Show off your skills in the ‘Lagoon Of Doom’, Conquer your fears on the 5.5m high ‘Mount Daunting’ or dash through the ‘Speed Racer’. There is an entire area dedicated to the Under 5’s – Misty Kingdom, a café serving your favourite coffees and a mezzanine level seating area to watch all the excitement unfold!

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    Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball

    Category: Classes and Sports

    The Training Solutions You Need As Australia’s #1 private basketball training, coaching business, Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball focuses on providing a balanced training environment where the transfer of knowledge, the execution of skills and personal satisfaction are key ingredients to our students’ individual and team success. Our Mission Conveniently located in Melbourne, Victoria with training venues in Albert Park, Nth Melbourne, Templestowe and Geelong Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball is an Australian owned and operated basketball training business specialising in developing basketball skills across all levels. Here at Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball, our mission is simple; to create a new style of basketball player that captures the very essence of the sport and will ensure its sustainability here in Australia and around the world. Through effective, game-driven training and coaching techniques, we can accomplish this mission for each and every player we teach. Our team of knowledgeable coaches has the experience necessary to direct our students toward future development and success. We work laterally with every player to create a customised training solution based on their needs and skill level. Our Programs Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball offers a wide range of professional training and coaching programs including: Private Training School Holiday Basketball Camps USA Basketball Tours Basketball Academies Dunk Champ Jump Program Wizz Kidz CONTACT DETAILS 1300 TSBALL (1300 872 255) www.tsbasketball.com

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    Reese Dance

    Category: Classes and Dance

    Reese Dance is place where people of all ages shapes and sizes learn to dance, sing and perform. It is a studio where creativity, individuality and self-expression is encouraged. We have a community of teachers, students and families who are passionate about performing arts. Our goal is to create a positive and happy experience for all of our students. We strive to nurture and develop talent, celebrate the achievements of all students and inspire a love and appreciation of all styles of dance and the arts. We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment in which all students can feel empowered, comfortable and free to express themselves.  Book a free trial to experience Reese Dance first hand.

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    Category: Classes, Art, Shops, and Arts and Crafts

    Play. Learn. Create Providing a home for all budding artists, young or the young at heart that would like to channel their creative energy. Art is everywhere. At home on the walls in the form of photographs, the shape, colours and design on the bowl you ate our breakfast from. When we makeART we are developing so many skills in addition to the ability to draw and paint. It doesn’t matter what age you are, exploring ideas, playing with materials, building skills in different processes in art and the creative process all help to build confidence in what we do, in expressing emotion and helps us to observe and appreciate the world around us. All makeART classes and workshops introduce the elements of art; colour, line, shape, texture, form, space and value and most classes will introduce an influential artist or two relating to the subject being looked at. Our classes run an eight-week term beginning a week after school starts and finish a week before school end. We try to mix it up with creating the opportunity to explore a variety of drawing, painting and three-dimensional art work each term depending on the subject.