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    Airlie Beach Swim Centre

    From high-quality baby swimming lessons in Airlie Beach to professional swimming and sporting coaching, our further mission is to inspire, encourage, support, teach to take responsibilities, learn resuscitation and to take care of our precious Great Barrier Reef. Those missions we handle with pride and passion. Because of our passion for these missions, we always deliver high standards aquatic lessons and services.Our Swim Centre’s mission is to help the community install aquatic life skills which will extend the quality of life. Those life skills firstly enhance to stay safer in and around water, secondly, to stay fit & healthy. Thirdly you’re most likely to find job opportunities. Sincerely Annika Grunwald Owner of Airlie Beach Swim Centre & Founder of Airlie Beach Aquatic Reef Club Inc.   SERVICES OFFERED Swimming Classes:   Baby Swimming   Toddler Lessons   Learn to Swim   Children Private Lessons   Swim Saver for Kids   Swim Squad   Special Needs   Adult Lessons   PADI DIVING COURSES:   SCUBA for Families   SCUBA Diving for Kids   NON-PROFIT:   Reef Warriors         Please follow and like us:

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    Boab Boats – Cairns

    Cairns is renowned for its fantastic location from rainforest to reef. With its laid back city lifestyle, you will be blown away by its beautiful, tropical climate and great fishing! Hire a Boab Boats at Cairns and experience everything our little piece of paradise has to offer. Whether it’s chasing pelagic on the reef, fishing the Mulgrave and Russell river system or the Baron River, Cairns has a style of fishing for everyone. If you prefer Sweetwater species then head to the Atherton Tablelands and Lake Tinaroo. Camp on the water’s edge and enjoy the chase of the local Barramundi or lay some traps and sample Red claw. Our region is not just about fishing; our boats are suitable for scuba diving and snorkeling away from the usual sites and tourists or just enjoy a swim and relax on your own private beach. If your car is unable to tow one of our boats, Boab Boats offers walk on/walk off services, which means the boat can be waiting on the water for you to enjoy. Hire a Boab Boat today and experience what Cairns has to offer! Please follow and like us:

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    Seaway Kayaking Tours

    THE PASSION BEHIND SEAWAY KAYAKING TOURS This is a family business that emerged from the passion to the Gold Coast’s beautiful landscapes. Being adventurous kayakers ourselves, and having experienced our proposed tours first-handed, this business idea was born with the main objective of showing more and more people the hidden treasures of the Gold Coast. Furthermore, it is a dream come true to run a business whilst doing what we love. This idea came to our minds when we were relaxing on the Gold Coast’s Broadwater and all of the sudden three dolphins passed right in front of us. We were lucky enough to have our kayaks handy to go after them and embark on what turned out to be the most amazing experience of our lives, with dolphins playing with our kayaks and us. This mesmerizing event convinced us that we needed to share this and all other experiences with more people. Just then, our business idea was born. We have a dream and we are ambitious about it. We have the vision to be the number one kayaking company in Queensland, and with that aim we have the mission to provide our valued customers with the best kayaking experience of their life. To achieve such mission, we will work passionately to offer excellent customer service, innovative and unique tours, at an excellent value for money, and we will make sure you remember it forever. We are a team of four professionals with complementing and diverse skills, characteristics and qualifications, and we work hard to offer you a mesmerizing kayaking experience. Being young and with an energetic spirit, we focus on innovation. We want you to experience a different and unique kayaking journey, for an excellent value for money. We love what we do so we will provide a fun and joyful environment in all our tours. Please follow and like us:

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    The Adventure Merchants

    Our service is out of this world! We provide affordable adventures and pride ourselves on outstanding customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make adventure accessible for all and give people the ability to escape the normal routines of the daily grind! Come and try one of our local adventures and experience Melbourne’s hidden adventure gems. Let us take you into the wild and experience environments so close but yet so far from the Melbourne you know!   Rap running Unleash your inner wild! Check out our brand new adventure! Rap running launching in October! Book now and run 30 metres down a cliff! Posted by The Adventure Merchants on Thursday, 31 August 2017 Please follow and like us: