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    Gumbuya World

    Packed full of Summer FUN! Get away from it all with a day of fun and adventure in the beautiful Australian bush. Take the plunge on epic water slides, or beat the heat with a relaxing drift along the Lazy River. Experience an unforgettable brush with nature as you get up close to more than 52 species of amazing animals, including kangaroos, koalas and dingos. And spin out on awesome rides – including our newest, BIGGEST THRILL RIDE EVER… the heartstopping Rebel! You’ll create a lifetime of magical memories at Gumbuya World – only 50 minutes from Melbourne!.

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    Puzzling World

    Welcome to Wanaka’s Wonderful World of Weirdness! Puzzling World is an iconic, world-unique attraction that for over 45 years has been fascinating people of all ages keen to engage in a fun, challenging and sensory experience. Immediately, visitors are met with the famous Tumbling Towers while opposite, The Leaning Tower of Wanaka offers great photo opportunities as friends or family appear to hold, push or rip out the tower, foundations and all! Walking into the Puzzle Centre where dozens of puzzles await the curious while a massive kaleidoscope ceiling looks on from above is a visual treat in itself. Grab a bite to eat or a drink from the well-stocked Café then engage the brain with many individual puzzles and two-person brain teasers on offer. Trained staff are on hand to help if required and with a huge selection for sale in the Gift Shop all ages, abilities and temperament are covered. Even the bathrooms here are photogenic with both the Roman Loos and Puzzle Abyss toilets featuring incredible floor or wall art that seem to absorb the user within its imagery! If your mind is still not boggled, visiting Puzzling World’s Illusion Rooms is sure to. From one of the world’s largest displays of 3-D Hologram photos, a room where 168 famous faces seem to follow you, one where you appear to shrink or grow, another where objects look to glide uphill and a sun-filled gallery of incredible illusionary sculptures, these amazing rooms will certainly challenge your perceptions of reality. Outside, The Great Maze encourages problem solving, exercise and fun. Puzzling World invented this format, designed to suit all ages with over-bridges and underpasses to create the world’s first 3-Dimensional Maze. Don’t worry, Emergency Exits for those with limited time, patience or energy are also included for those who may struggle! With so many incredible things to see and do here we suggest you allow plenty of time to enjoy your unforgettable visit to Puzzling World. .