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    7D Cinema – Hobart

    Category: Indoor, Cinemas, and Indoor Gaming

    7D cinema brings you the newest technology in Virtual Reality. Instead of watching a movie, you are actually part of it! You feel what you see as entire Simulator Platform moves accordingly to what is happening on the screen as you watch any of the 10 movies with interactive 3D glasses. At the same time over 7 different special effects kick in that make our movie experience even more “real” and exhilarating. The short movie rides take around 8 minutes and are quite intense. this is the only simulator in the world with unbeatable movements. Our State-of-the-Art Simulators create such dropthat get you that exciting lower-belly rollercoaster feeling. Walking distance from Salamanca Markets in the heart of Hobart is 7D Cinema. Showing exciting short-ride 3D movies on our moving simulator using the latest technology in Virtual Reality. A must do for family fun in Hobart.

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    International Antarctic Centre

    ANTARCTICA… THE COOLEST FUN IN CHRISTCHURCH Experience the wonder and magic of Antarctica without leaving Christchurch, at one of New Zealand’s best, award winning tourist attractions.   The International Antarctic Centre is your destination for authentic, interactive fun and provides an exciting experience of Antarctica for visitors of all ages. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 2 or 92 – there’s hours of fun here for everyone. We are located next to Christchurch International Airport and open every day of the year from 9am – 5.30pm. You’ll visit ‘Antarctica’ the snow and ice experience, survive an Antarctic Storm, learn about life in modern day Antarctica and Scott Base, and hang out with Little Blue Penguins!  There’s also the famously exciting Hagglund ride and an awesome simulated 4D cruise, Happy Feet 4D, plus heaps more! It’s quite possibly the closest you’ll get to Antarctica without mounting your own expedition! OUR EXPERIENCES Antarctic Attractions School Holidays Kids Parties Education Programmes Penguin Backstage Tour

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    9D Action Cinemas

    Category: Indoor and Cinemas

    9D Action Cinemas An Australian owned company. Opportunities with multi-dimensional cinemas were idenified in Australia and much time was devoted to researching the best available systems and equipment around the world to ensure reliability, safety and cost effectiveness while maximizing the sensory ride experience. A team of professionals was established to manage the corporate and operational structure, to ensure that it is managed efficiently and with solid corporate governance. The first cinema, known as 5D Action Cinema opened in 2012. Further cinemas, through practical implementation and market testing, have been upgraded in construction and effects ensuring maximum sensory experience and safety for all age groups.  A  6 seat, 9D Action Cinema ride is now open at Stockland Merrylands and a new 12 seat, spectacular 9D Action Cinema at Darling Harbour opened in  November 2013.  Both these new cinemas in Sydney have been created using the latest leading-edge technology with direct drive, electric powered motion that further accentuates the ride. Rides last up to 9 minutes depending on your choice.