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    Looking For Foreign Language Classes with LCF Fun Languages Australia? LCF Fun Languages Australia was established 10 years ago. LCF was first established in 1985 in the UK. LCF Fun Languages Australia provide languages classes/lessons in several primary schools and childcare centres across Australia and are now offering their services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra Toowoomba, Newcastle, Wollongong, Gosford, Geelong, Cairns, Sunshine Coast, Goldcoast, Bendigo, Ballarat or Adelaide. What LCF Fun Languages offers Primary School Kids LCF offer before, after and in-school language programs at your local schools. Find the nearest club near you Preschool Kids Specialised language program at your local childcare centres. Music & movement program called Jazz-Mataz in your chosen language. Playgroup for mums and bubs or toddlers. For more information click this link   French, German, Italian, Mandarin or Spanish are fun to learn using LCF’s methodology. Whether you enroll your child in one of their playgroups, childcare language programs, before or after school programs or playgroups for mums and bubs, you can rest assured your child will have fun, gain self-confidence and advance their language learning with LCF Fun Languages’ play-based and foreign language immersion teaching methodology. Children learn languages through a combination of drama, storytelling, technology songs, craft and games. They rapidly acquire enough knowledge and confidence to enjoy using the language for communication and expression. LCF Fun Language programs are designed to give children the confidence to speak in French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Italian or German. All LCF courses follow a carefully structured, progressive sequence that enhances learning and gets the kids using the language quickly and naturally. This interactive and communicative approach is supported by professionally designed materials including flashcards, board games, CDs, songbooks and activity sheets, reward stickers and certificates. For Booking & Inquires Call Us Today! 1300 707 288 or contact us METHODOLOGY The LCF methodology has been carefully designed to help your children start from scratch and make their way to proficiency at their own pace. LCF’s clubs are also great for children who already have some knowledge of the language and wish to maintain and expand upon it. LCF Fun Languages’ engaging approach includes a wide range of activities to cover all learning styles. In class learning is further supported by Babelzone – their unique online learning resources, CDs and books, which allow the children to continue their fun learning at home. The methodology of LCF’s programs reflects the natural process of language acquisition. Just as children acquire their first language, the same principles apply to a second language, particularly at the early stages of their development. Children listen, repeat, speak, read and write. All components of the LCF Fun Languages scheme of work are interwoven with cross-curricular themes, such as maths, financial literacy, social studies, music, art, and many more. At the heart of the programme is communication and inter-cultural understanding. This interactive and communicative approach is supported by professionally designed materials inc