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    Treiner at Perth

    Category: Classes and Sports How Treiner Works Treiner is the simplest way to connect with a safe and experienced football coaching professional within your area and budget who can assist you in reaching your fullest potential in football. Treiner is the only football specific coach booking platform in Australia and also looks to focus on the holistic development of players offering not only personal football coaches but also those with expertise in futsal, goalkeeping, position specific, video analysis, sports science and sports psychology. Treiner Benefits We aim to help improve the Australian football landscape and culture by providing and addressing solutions to previous problems faced in this space by both players and coaches. Now coaches only need to focus on their coaching and improving players they work with, as well as the ability to increase the number of players they can improve. Players now have a wider and informed choice to decide between various coaches based on their needs and wants such as: playing and coaching experience, qualifications, area of expertise, cost, availability, location and reviews.   Let Your Coach Help You to Reach Your Goals Meet your football potential and connect with a private coach now.

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    Nick Corrigan Soccer Schools

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    In a fun-filled, non-competitive environment, your child is given the opportunity to grow and develop as a young team player by focussing on their hand, eye and motor skills along with raising self-esteem and self-confidence. Nick Corrigan’s Soccer Schools are here to ensure that your chid is able to feel welcome in team activities and games and ultimately be there for them to aid them as they improve. Nick Corrigan firmly believes that every child deserves the same attention and consideration and through particular fun exercises, the children are able to learn from one another and look forward to coming each and every week.   WHY CHILDREN PLAY SPORT Enjoyment & fun Younger children are more likely to participate in sport for fun, enjoyment and the social aspects of involvement. Socialization Children are socially driven and desire opportunities to meet new friends and be with friends. Hence the reason my soccer programs have been written and structured in such a way  that they are open and fully inclusive to all children regardless of their ability and experience. Development of new skills A majority of children participate in sport in order to learn how to play and acquire skills. There is no research to suggest that winning is an influencing factor in junior sport participation.  WHY CHILDREN DROP OUT OF SPORT Coaches and parents Pressure from parents and coaches has been identified as a major inhibitor to continued participation. So parents please sit back and allow your children to enjoy there experience at Nick Corrigan’s Soccer Schools Rules and competition Competitive environments and overly structured formats create frustration and anxiety among children. Over-emphasis on winning and losing Continued focus on results creates ego-oriented motivation in which children compare themselves to others. Nick Corrigan’s Soccer Schools believes that focusing on enjoyment and effort fosters task-oriented motivation which will create an intrinsic desire to improve and develop at a far more reasonable pace.